Moving to Dubai? Here are some tips

Dubai is a dream destination for most of the professionals as the city is home of some of the top multinationals in the world. If you are lucky, then you might land up with a good offer to work. While you are preparing yourself for this big leap in your life, there are many hesitations in your mind before moving to a different country like accommodation, local travelling, food etc. So let’s prepare you with some quick tips that will help you make the transition as painless as possible and make it more enjoyable. Everything that glitters is not gold. Dubai as a place might excite you, but it can be very hard on your pocket!

1. If you are planning to buy a car here, then it is recommended to bring your driving license with you so that you can change it for a Dubai Driving License or at least you don’t have to go through the regular driving test to get the licence.

2. Dubai is an expensive city and hence the utility bills aren’t a relief. When looking for an accommodation, try and look for properties that are chiller free. This way you can avoid paying hefty electricity bills.

3. A good thing about this city is that there are areas that are known as free zones, which means the person do not have to pay 5% as municipality housing fees. Therefore look for properties in free zone to save some money.

4. Before you move into a property, ensure that all the previous bills are paid by the previous tenants. Else, you might not get electricity and water until all your old bills are paid. Also, sign a rent agreement mentioning rights of the landlord and the tenant so that tomorrow in case of any problems, you can use this agreement as your safeguard.

5. Many professionals fly every year to work in Dubai. Mostly these jobs are contractual basis and once your contract is completed, an individual needs to move out of the city. Such people sell their furniture and other important stuff to reside in the city before moving out. In order to do so, they post Dubai free classified sites for easy and quick selling. So consider buying second hand stuff so that you save on the cost of fully furnished apartments or even if you plan to buy new furniture that will be more costly.

6. When planning to buy a car, look for trusted 4X4 wheelers like a Volvo or a BMW, because Dubai roads are like racing tracks and you would often find people driving at unbelievable speeds. Be ready to see some of the most exotic vehicles zipping through your next lane. Also buy a good car insurance policy as accidents rate in Dubai is very high but the fatality rate is low. Since Dubai laws are quite liberal, hence you can easily get a car loan.
Moving to a new city is always exciting, but it also brings lot of stress with it. So following these tips might lower your stress a little bit.

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