Move Your RV across the Country Safely and At a Low Cost

Recreational vehicle (RV) owners have a different perspective on life. The life of adventure in the open and of travel is definitely an acquired taste but an exciting one nonetheless. When the time comes to move your RV to a new place you have to make a decision.

Options for moving the RV
Undoubtedly, you have RV transport companies who will do the work of moving the RV for you. At this point of time, you have two choices. One is to hire a driver alone who will drive your RV to the new destination. Or two, you can use a towing service. The list of trucking companies who will do this is quite huge. Which one should you really choose?
Questions one has to think about

First, the decision to hire a driver is filled with lots of misgivings. Does he have enough experience? Is there any guarantee of the safe delivery? How fast will he make the trip? And since these things differ from driver to driver, one can never be sure you are getting the real deal.

Second, if you decide to hire a towing service for your RV, how will you know they are good at their job? Will they give any insurance for any damage during the transit of your vehicle? How much do you have to pay for the service?

Compare the truck services
The way around this predicament is to compare the trucks and trucking services. This will tell you how good they are and which one is the best.
Since it is a tiresome process going through the transportation sites one by one, you must check with the forwarding companies. They have a huge list of trucks and trucking services listed on their website.

Check the experience of the trucking company
You can compare the prices by going through their load board and get the best one according to price or according to the proximity to your loading/unloading point. The other pertinent point to check is whether the driver or trucking company has the experience to deal with every contingency. This means, the driver will have experience in handling breakdowns.

Experience is needed

They will know what papers they should carry and which states allow the passage of towing services. Towing an RV will create a problem due to its immense weight. It is 13,000 pounds or more and top heavy. The driver must know how to use the tow bar to negotiate his load. In addition, the entire RV must be secured, the loose furniture tied or bolted down, and the doors and windows closed.

Price decides the deal
The decision will rest on the price. One cannot afford to shell out too much. The price must be the industry average. For verifying this, consult the load board on the website of the forwarding and dispatch RV transport companies. You will see the quote from many companies. They will also mention the price of towing for individual drivers. The load board will give you the estimated distance the driver will go and the approximate time for the transit.

This way, you get the accurate picture and pay only a reasonable price for the transportation work. You can talk to the driver after you strike a deal with company. But first, check the customer reviews. This will tell you how reliable the company is and how good the driver is at doing the work.

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