Live streaming 101: Easy ways to stream events!

We know that the title is extremely exciting and we do have something for you that you will love! If live event streaming is a part of your job, then you need to read this. Streaming live is challenging but exciting at the same time. Not many people like editing 4 hours long events or content plus a lot of things are better when they are streamed live. If your job has an important portion where you constantly need to live stream any events, then you need to invest in the Matrox Monarch HDX or the Matrox Monarch HD. The former one is exclusively designed for high live streaming. Here are some functions you need to know –

1. Matrox Monarch HDX is exclusively made for live streaming as it offers several great multi-tasking features like frame synchronization, high video quality up to 1080p and much more.

2. This single device works for two encoders, which streams events and records them too. You don’t need additional devices for everything; you can just rely on the Matrox Monarch HDX for support.

3. You can stream live events at a speed of 30Mbps in one go; if you are streaming two events at a time, then you will get a speed of 10Mbps for each event. Both the events will have picture perfect video quality and crisp sound without fail. There will be no disturbances in the quality of the live content.

4. With the help of the dual encoders and dual channel plus dual record settings, you can stream the live event on different channels and record it too. This makes your work thousand times flexible!

5. Another incredible feature of this device is that it you can operate this device through your mobile phone. You can simply download the commander app and run it through your tablet, laptop or phone. You can click on record buttons, streaming live events and so much more through the phone commander. It is extremely easy to use this device which is why it is worth investing in.

If you are not someone who wants to live stream too many events but record them and put them up later, then you can go for the Matrox Monarch HD. It is an easy to use and incredible device with various features. The Matrox Monarch HD offers high quality video streaming as well as great sound quality. It offers high speed recording options at about 25Mbps. You can also live stream content side by side by it will be at a speed of 10 Mbps approx.

Whether you pick the former device or the latter one, you will be hitting jackpot! Both these appliances are handy, easy to use and great for video production. Make sure you read more about them before you pick one. It is always better to have both with you in hand so that you can use it for several occasions.

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