Learn effective remedies to cure acne effectively

Acne is something that can happen to anyone irrespective of the age group and the gender. Usually, teenagers are more prone to acne because they undergo a lot of hormonal changes when they hit their puberty. However, even adults can face this problem if proper care of the skin is not taken. It is a disease of the hair follicles and can appear on your face, chest, back and other areas of the skin. This dermatologic disease can appear in the form of whiteheads, blemishes, blackheads or even other skin eruptions. Hence, you should be completely aware about how to cure acne.

What are the common causes of acne?
Acne can be caused both due to internal and external conditions like:

• Heredity can be one of the major factors why you may have acne. If your biological parents were having acne, then your risk of developing them too increases.
• Using cosmetics of poor quality or allergic reactions caused due to certain cosmetics may also result in outbursts of zits on your skin.
• Dirt and pollution may cause acne. When you are exposed to humidity or sunlight for too long, then your skin cannot breathe due to accumulated dirt and as a result it suffers a lot. So you should try to avoid such conditions whenever possible.
• It is true that you are what you eat. If you have too much of junk, fried and oily food, then you are yourself creating conditions for your skin to develop acne. Not only these food items result in acne but it is also unhealthy for your body in the long run.
• Hormonal changes also result in acne in women especially during their menstrual cycle. This is very common in teenagers when they hit puberty.
• Use of certain clothing items or accessories that your skin does not react positively to like helmets, headgears etc.
• Anxiety and stress also make your skin prone to acne.

How to cure Acne?
Everyone wants to know how to cure Acne Treatment india because this is a universal problem and everyone must have experienced it atleast once in his or her life. You can always consult a dermatologist and get rid of acne with the help of prescribed creams and medication like benzoyl peroxide because expert advice is always better in such situations.
You can also resort to natural homemade remedies that have been successful most of the time. You can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to apply on the blemishes as it does not let the bacteria grow further on your skin. A mixture of honey and milk can also work wonders on your skin. Aloe Vera is one of the best natural home remedy because its gel has got anti-inflammatory properties that helps to treat acne really fast. You should also keep your skin hydrated and drink lots of water (about 8-10 glasses) daily. Even cucumber helps to keep your skin hydrated because it has a high water content.

Neem paste has a lot of effective medicinal properties that helps to kill bacteria. It is used a lot in ayurvedic products because of its antibacterial properties. You should also keep your skin clean and deep cleanse your face after coming from outdoors in order to remove the unwanted dirt and oiliness.
Healthy diet includes increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting down on oily and junk food. If you follow a healthy diet, then you will automatically feel its effects on your skin. Daily exercises like yoga or meditation help you to be stress free which indirectly leads to an acne free skin.

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