Knowing about electrotherapy

According to medical science, electrotherapy is regarded to be a type of treatment which makes use of an electrical current for treating pin, muscle weakness, loss as well as depression. Even though the general idea to treat the patient by using electricity could possibly sound a bit strange, the truth can be stated to be that electricity is used for treating such symptom types for quite a long time. Electricity in actuality is considered to be an effective and safe way for treating pain as well as other illness types. This is because, it is not actually a drug and hence, does not leave any kind of trace within the system. Moreover, it comes with very less or no side effects on the user. These days, one can easily avail electrotherapy equipment physiotherapy without any hassle.

Electrotherapy and its history
It was Guillaume DuChenne in 1855 who took as evidence about muscle contractions taking place when placed upon electrical stimulation. He also concluded that this shock type was the way for acting upon nervous system. He is regarded to be the father of advanced,modern electrotherapy.

Positive or negative influence
Electrotherapy is known to have not much of a good reputation among medical circles. Studies conducted have shown that this type of therapy can have positive influence on nervous system, while assisting to develop muscles. However, plenty of fake products exist in the market that has been only trying to trick those desperate people of their precious money. This way, people may find it difficult towards finding legitimate information as to how properly electrotherapy may work.

Different types of electrotherapy
How this type of therapy is supposed to function? Electrotherapy, in general, tends to deliver tiny, pulsating current to nerve endings and muscles. This electrical current is likely to cause muscles to relax and contract, repeatedly. With few repeated stimulations, the muscles would strengthen and then relax, thereby reducing pain.

In modern times, different types of electrotherapy are being used for providing patients with immense quick relief. A common type is TENS or Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator. These devices could be bought and used at the home also, exclusively for muscular or back pain. It also allows users to have problems treated at his/her own convenience. The electrical signal frequency is also adjustable, thereby allowing the users to determine the treatment intensity and length. Using TENS treatment, the high frequency signals could be withstood for several hours, since it causes very less discomfort. But TENS high frequency treatment could last for little time. The low frequency treatments are more uncomfortable, to be endured generally for around 20 to 30 minutes. However, its effects do lasts more longer.

The other electrotherapy type is known as IFC or Interferential Current. It is a deeper TENS form and allows current to have the skin to be penetrated deeply when compared to TENS treatment. Furthermore, it provides the user with les discomfort for higher stimulation level.
Knowing more about the electrotherapy physiotherapy equipment types is sure to help immensely to get instant relief.

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