Jebel Ali Free Zone & the newly established e-gate pass system

The Jebel Ali Free Zone is a dream come true for traders operating in the Persian Gulf and South Asia. A pertinent free zone company in Dubai can be a distribution or production base with complete exemption on import duties or when forming partnership with local companies in the UAE. A typical international corporation operates as an “offshore” concern.

When commencing business operations outside the Jebel Ali Free Zone, foreigners are required to proceed along with the local UAE-based firms and sponsors which is also a commercial law. These sponsors or partners must own around 51 percent shares or assets however, a Jebel Ali Free Zone company in Dubai is relieved from all these rules.

International organisations are free to manufacture, form joint ventures and trade as pleased. Registration requires you to fill a two-page query form which is them faxed to the concerned authorities in Dubai. Response time varies between a week or two after which you need to process a handful notarised documents that include articles of incorporation of the applicant.

With bare minimum paperwork, Jebel Ali would hand over the business keys to the clients and in just two months of the initial application, they can pursue. This particular free zone is located around 35 kilometres to the southwest of Dubai city surrounded by the world’s largest artificial port, encompassing 100 square kilometres. More than 30 percent has already been leased so far.

Investment incentives has drawn more than 850 different companies with above 100 from US solely. Most are already well established, distributing goods to other market through Dubai. Of these, the largest are Iran, India and even Pakistan. Check out a few benefits;
- 100 percent foreign ownership and repatriation of profits and capital
- No limitation on capital investment
- Limited shareholder’s liability which is to the amount of paid-up share capital
- Zero currency restrictions, corporate taxes and personal income taxes
- Off-the-rack warehouses and production facilities
- Ultramodern infrastructure with all state-of-the-art technologies
- Access to a wide-spread consumer market

The e-gate pass system: Innovation ahead of the Expo 2020

Launched during the start of Q3, the automated e-gate pass system to enter the Jebel Ali Free Zone is an innovative strategy towards improving accessibility ahead of Expo 2020. A coherent 24-hour online service by the name of “Tasreeh” has been launched as well by the Dubai Trade and Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation (PCFC).

It allows above 7,100 companies in the area alongside port visitors to issue passes upon a defined pay and receive approval before proceeding. Thus, a free zone company in Dubai that falls under Jebel Ali is highly secured. Cost of these passes is between AED 4 and 250 with a validity date!
With security, the step is to reduce longer queues at the entrance causing inconvenience. Some of world’s most acclaimed companies such as Procter & Gamble, Danube and Lipton have their base of operations set in the free zone here.

Inaugurated in 1985, the Jebel Ali Free Zone today is world’s largest and a home ground for many multinational corporations.

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