Is Wearing of School Uniform Improves Student’s Performance?

Wearing of school uniform has been an ongoing “in and out” controversy in schools. A continuous debate with involving the academe and the public, where it seems to be that this issue (that does not look to be resolved any time or soonest) will be hopefully put into end.

For schools that are against school uniform, they are expressing the thought that wearing uniform violates the student civil rights. While on the opposite side, other schools find it beneficial for students to wear uniforms as it has seen numerous positive effect.

Dress for Success

The policy of wearing uniform in schools is to set the students academic performance, to improve their scholastic record. A lot of educators have observed that wearing of school uniform precisely help students a lot in actively giving the best in their classes. Thus, it can be observed that there is an improvement of  students achievements as it keeps them to constantly focus on their studies rather than anything else; because when students are not on their uniforms, they most of the time have more concern on how they look. They would have the tendency of losing the idea that school is a professional place to dwell and to have them bear in mind that education is being focused on this place.

Is wearing school uniform delivers positive academic results?

Again, the school uniform enable students to stay focused on education. During the student first year of stay in school, it has already proven that their school uniform have highly contributed to their academic performance. Let us look at a clear of view ‘what’s with wearing school uniforms, it’s “positivity”:

  • Positive Attitude: It totally brings out the positive attitude from students. When wearing their uniforms, they feel more positive about school. And, as a result they play their part well in classes well, being more participative.
  • Positive Learning Environment: Students coming from different walks of life, from high to low-class teens, will not have the attitude of characterizing schoolmates because of socio-economic status. It eradicates a student’s feeling of not being up on fashion trend. It also has seen to have an increase of students attendance and minimize giving of disciplinary actions.
  • Positive Financial Outcome: In line with socio-economic status, parents would not go through the hassle of buying expensive and trendy clothing for their teens. Parents are now able to compute a more accurate budget for their teen’s schooling as they will only have to buy a school uniform once a year.

Accordingly, wearing of school uniform for students does really have an effect on their academic performance. There is a variety of reasons ranging from positive to negative, and this is because of the differences between one community to another that is already pre-existing.

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