Is entertainment news made for kids?

News is a medium through which kids can learn a lot and improve their reading skills. But there are several entertainment segments that have news which shouldn’t be read by children. There is nothing wrong with reading funny or entertaining news stories but most articles written these days contain internet language which you don’t want your kids to learn.

What type of news can my kids read?

 They can read news stories that do not have any internet slangs or stories of a celebrity going to rehab. We all know that most stars are arrested or going to rehab due to certain habits that are illegal and you definitely don’t want your children to read that.

 When talking about kids’ entertainment news, they can surely catch up on music, celebrity and other news related to movies that have appropriate language. If you are not sure about any news piece, make sure you read it first or find a website that is made for kids’ news. That will make your work so much easier!

 Keep your children away from internet memes. If you look at the type of jokes revolving around the web these days, you will be astonished. Most of them are senseless and offensive! Search for suitable funny news for your children.

Why should your kid read news?

News is an important part of our lives as we all are interested in knowing what is going around in the world. If your children read sensible news, they will learn a lot from it. They will be good with general knowledge and current affairs at school. Other than this, they will be aware and informed about the things that happen in the world. If your child looks disinterested in reading news, you should get them to read funny news for kids. This will intrigue them about news stories which is great as they will be elevated towards reading rather than just using the internet for video games or social media.

It is said that kids who read news often have good memory and reading skills. They learn new words every day when they are reading and will use it while speaking too. Since they know a lot about what is going around in the world, they will have topics to talk about with people. News is essential for teenagers as it will help them socialize with people of their age.

Can my child read entertainment news?

Yes, your child can read entertainment news but make sure you choose a portal that has filtered stories. Most websites are only talking about celebrity feuds and leaked pictures, so you don’t want to get them hooked towards such stories. Make sure you are aware of what news articles your child is reading. Not every funny or entertaining news story is suitable for children.

Pick the right medium and type of news for your children. Get them to read short news pieces at an early stage to improve their reading skills as well as generic education.

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