IIT Madras: A Name Synonymous with Quality Engineering Courses

IIT Madras is one of the leading premier engineering colleges in India and is a part of the Indian Institute of Technology’s established by the government of India. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras was established in the year 1959 and since then it has served as a quality institute to cater to the engineering education field.


As clear with its name, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is located in the city of Madras (now called Chennai) in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the first seven IITs located in India, and is recognized by the government of India as one of the institutes categorized as the institute of national importance. As the institute is a government body and the administration is managed by the government appointed officials, it receives a great deal of financial support and subsidy from the Indian Government as well as the state government of Tamil Nadu. With such big support from the government in financial and technical terms, and because of the talent-exchange programs with other international universities, IIT Madras provides high standards in education in different branches of engineering.

The establishment of the institute came to reality because of an act applied by the government and the objective was to improve the quality of technical education in India and to establish seven IITs for this purpose in different regions. Madras was selected as one of the locations for the IITs and hence the establishment of IIT Madras took place.

Unlike most other state level engineering institutes which provide engineering education in affiliation with a university, IIT Madras is completely autonomous in this way and bears no link with any university. Every IIT institute has its own management board and the decisions are made separately for each IIT. The IIT Madras is located in a vast land space of 620 acres. The lush green lawns in the campus make it more beautiful and the campus is adjacent to the Guindy National Park. There are about 8000 students enrolled with the IIT Madras in different branches of engineering at both the graduate courses and the post-graduate courses. To cater quality education in different subjects and branches, the faculty consists of around 550 teachers with 1250 staff members to keep everything managed on the campus.

IIT Madras Campus:

The state government paid great attention to the location of the IIT Madras and the location is very convenient for a big institute like IIT madras. The campus is very well connected with the transportation facilities of various kinds at different entrances to it. The distance of railway station and the airports is also practical as the railway station is just 12 km away while the Chennai airport is 10 km away from the institute. The taxis and autos are available throughout the day from various entrances of the institute.

There are multiple entrances to the institute, while the main entrance is accessible from the Sardar Patel Road and other entrances are as listed- Taramani gate, Gandhi Road, Velachery.


IIT institutes are known to provide more courses and branches than any other institute in India. Each branch or subject studied is managed by a Faculty to decide the topics to include and other academic aspects of it.

  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Ocean Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Faculty of Management Studies
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computers Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of  Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Chemical engineering
  • Faculty of Applied mechanics
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

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