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The city of Hyderabad is in a constant developing mode for the past years and since then many people from all over the country has moved into the city for different work issues. Hyderabad is a costly city to live in especially in matters of transport. That is the reason why many decide to get their hands on a second hand car so that they can save the budget of travelling in and around the city. There are various organizations in the city that take part in the distribution of car models and used cars for sale in Hyderabad is a very common issue. However there are few top models of cars which are very much popular in the city for their fuel efficiency and valuation estimates. The top 5 models which are in high demand as second hand used cars in Hyderabad are as follows.

Hyundai i10 Magna – This is one comfy car which is always on the top of the list of car users. With a power steering maneuver and a super cool engine this model is very much popular in and around the city. The estimated valuation of this car as a second hand model is about INR 2.5 lakh only.

Hyundai Eon Era - This is a very handy model which is best suited for all occasions. The second hand valuation of this car is estimated to be about INR 3-4 lakh. The valuation is basically based on the type of the model you want to buy. This particular model is best in all options like mileage, comfort, good quality engine and many more.

Maruti Suzuki Alto - This is a premium car option for you if you want to lock your hands on a small and fine model. The fuel efficiency of this model is also very good in terms of usage and mileage. The second hand model of this car comes for an estimated value of INR 1- 2 Lakh. The low maintenance factor of the car is what drives people towards it.

Skoda Octavia 1.9 – This car model is an old one from the company of Skoda and it has many premium features to be looked up to. The second hand car valuation of this model is estimated to be about INR 4-5 lakh. The brand value of this model is very much esteemed and thus the maintenance is secured pretty well.

Tata Indigo ECS LX
– The brand name of Tata is what has made this model reach the top list of used cars in terms of usage. The mileage condition, the engine generators, the maintenance all work fine even in a second hand condition. The valuation of this model is termed to be about INR 3-4 Lakh depending on the model and the extra features that are linked along with it.

All these top models prove to be a very good machine and they work absolutely fine even when they are used for the second time by different owners.

Source – IndianBlueBook

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