How to Teach Your Children about Healthy Eating

Are you finding it difficult to prepare a healthy meal for your children that they you don’t actually have to bribe them to eat or have you just given up on trying to do this and serve them pizzas or other junk food? Be warned, a recent research has shown that 76% or more of children don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit. With the child obesity and even juvenile diabetes on the rise, it has become more important than ever to teach your children the importance of a healthy meal. Here are some tips on how you can teach your children about healthy eating.

Talk to Your Children about Right and Wrong Foods

· Make sure that you children know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food

· Help them develop proper eating habits

Encouraging your children to pick the healthy food instead of the unhealthy and to resist the urge to, for instance, eat at fast foods or drink sugary soda drinks every day is one of the most important steps in helping them develop proper eating habits. You don’t need to play a nutritionist around the house and measure every bite or how much fat milk has, but make sure that they learn about the benefits of balanced diet. By doing this, your child will soon know himself what foods are giving him or her the nutrients and energy to stay active longer.

Offer Them a Choice Between Two Meals

· Give them a choice

· Don’t force them to eat what they don’t like

Children are very picky when it comes to what they want to eat. Most children don’t like spinach or broccoli, but that doesn’t mean that you need to completely remove them from the menu. Instead, offer them an alternative. However, be sure to substitute the meal they might not like with something that is also healthy and not a cake or a sandwich. Because children can be very picky when it comes to what they eat (be prepared for a lot of plate-pushing), it is very important to let them know why you are cooking some meal and gradually have them try it.

Show Your Children that Cooking can be Fun

· Involve them in meal preparations

· Encourage them to prepare their own healthy meals

Kitchen shouldn’t be off-limits to your kids, so bring them over to help you wash vegetables or fruit, hand you spices and have them watch you while you prepare a healthy meal. Talk to them about why some ingredient is good for them while you are putting it in the dish. You can even use recipe books to encourage them to learn a bit more about preparing healthy meals. Also, if you are making packed lunches for them to bring to school, have them included in the preparation process. Let them add their own touch to what they are going to eat later that day. And, finally, if you are going to eat somewhere out of your home or even in another country, make sure that you all have a valid eu health card.

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