How To Stretch A Canvas With Perfect Corners

If you have some artwork, or DIY artwork made by yourself, on canvas and want to display it proudly, this guide is for you. Read on to learn how to achieve a smooth and slick look, without any visible staples ruining the image.


  1. Ensuring that the design on your canvas is centered, cut it out to be about 5 inches longer and wider than the dimensions of the frame which is going to be used for mounting. The extra material will help to maintain a tight grip when pulling and stretching the fabric. If you are feeling brave enough, tear the canvas edges instead of cutting it, as this will provide a straighter line.
  2. Lay your frame on top of your cut canvas, again ensuring that the design is centered and the wrong side of the material is facing you. Make sure the grain of the canvas is parallel to the frame. The curved part of the frame is the front, and the flat part is the back which should be facing you. Consider wearing a pair of gloves, as the following processes can be rough on your hands.
  3. Starting with the longest side, fold the canvas over the frame and add a staple near the middle using a heavy duty stapler. An ordinary stapler is not fit for this purpose, so invest in staple gun. Special wide surface pliers, made specifically for stretching canvas, can be used to help you in this and the following steps. These can be found at art supply stores.
  4. Stretch the canvas tightly and repeat the process on the opposite side.
  5. Stretching very tightly, do the same for the remaining two sides of the canvas.
  6. Stop to check that the design is still centered, and the canvas has not been overstretched. If necessary, remove the staples and start again.
  7. Grip the edges of the canvas tightly and add more staples all along the frame on all four sides, leaving a few inches bare on either sides of the four corners.
  8. For the perfect corners, tuck one edge in under the other, gripping tightly all the while to ensure there are no pleats along the edges, and staple. Repeat this process on each side of the four corners.
  9. Pound each staple with a hammer to ensure that it is flush with the frame.
  10. Then flip the canvas over and tap it with your finger to check that the canvas is taut. If there is any creasing or pulling, remove the staples and fix it. Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the back of your frame. As the water dries, it will shrink and tighten your canvas further. You can also use good quality gesso, a white binder mixture, to tighten the canvas.
  11. Attach two eye hooks and wire a third of the way down the frame. This will be needed for hanging your new frame.
  12. Your frame is ready to be hung up. Display it with pride in a place of honour.

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