How to Manage Air Ducts Cleaning Yourself in Dubai

Air ducts are the heart of a cooling system and keeping them in good health ensures that your air-conditioner keeps on working optimally. You can get good quality air from ducts that are well maintained and clean, making sure that the temperature inside your house remains cool, no matter the conditions outside. Failure to clean the duct pipes lead to growth of molds in the cooling system along with an unhygienic musty odor that emanates from an untidy AC unit. All this is the result of the dust collected in the system that also leads to poor performance of the machine. Blocked air ducts pressurize the efficiency of the cooling device and affect its longevity.

A professional air ducts cleaning service can do the job best. But if you are not in a position to spend on the cost, do not worry. Here are some tips that can help you to clean the ducts yourself, whatever the design of your duct system may be.

• Equipment You Require
Before you begin cleaning, you need some equipment to execute the job. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is the best, but a household vacuum with a powerful hose will also work. You need something like a toilet brush, or a hard-bristled paint brush or something similar to handle the cleaning. You will also need a screw-driver or a hex driver to remove the fasteners that keep the registers in place and some paper towels to cover the entries. And get a new furnace filter to replace the old one.

• Cover the Supply Registers
To begin with; cover the supply registers with paper towels. This will prevent the dislodged dust from spreading in the room. You need to lift the grills and cover it up with paper towels and then begin.

• Keep the Fan Running
Keeping the fan on helps to move the dust that is there in the machine while you are dusting and cleaning. Do not run the heating or cooling mode. In case your machine does not have a fan-only option, keep the cooling mode on.

• Checking the Filter and the Ducts
Keep the old filter in place, so that the dust you disturb does not get into the fan motor and spoil it. Use your brush to knock off the dust buildup that you see in the ducts. Tap the tubes that you can reach with the brush, to help the dampened dust sticking in the air ducts to fall off.

• Run the Vacuum
Sweep out all the dust in the supply registers. Place the hose near the entry and run it. This pulls out all the dirt, being thrown out by the fan, into the vacuum cleaner hose. Try to push the hose as far as you can into the register’s piping. Now sweep the supply registers and dispose of the towels, that you used to earlier cover them with.

• Return Air Registers
Next, clean the return air registers through which the cold air comes into your room. Use the screwdriver to unfasten the grills and remove the cover. Reach as far as you can into the register piping, and clean the dust by sweeping first and then using the vacuum hose to pull the dust.

• Switch off the Machine
You now need to turn off the fan and power supply. Removing the front panel helps you reach the blower chamber and the return air boot. You will find a lot of dust here that needs cleaning.

• Change the Filter
If your filter is dirty, change it with the new one you have. Getting a better quality filter restricts the amount of dust that enters your room, but these filters require regular cleaning and upkeep.

Following all the steps will serve your purpose. If you are not very sure of the result, or you do not have time to go through this tedious task, calling a trained air duct cleaning service is the best option. You can also sign an annual contract with the company, to get regular and best cleaning services at a reasonable rate.

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