How to make Teddy Day special for her

Teddy Day is, universally, celebrated 3 days before the Valentine’s Day. The day is excitedly awaited by female partners, who love teddies and want to be gifted one. The Valentine’s week is the week of love, and it has 7 romantic days in it, one of which is the Teddy Day, especially for the girl. Girls love teddy bears for reasons known to them alone. They always will find enough space in their rooms to accommodate a new teddy as a gift. They sleep with it, cuddle it, play with it and click lots of pictures with it. Although not all girls are crazy about teddy bears, most find it cute to own one. Here are a few cute things you can do for your girl on Teddy Day 2016.

1. Dress up as a teddy – If you want to do something unusual and unique, this is the best idea for you. There are shops, which hire teddy costumes. Dress yourself in one and carry a nice gift along with you, with chocolates being mandatory. Try this out the coming Teddy Day to make your girl fall in love with you even deeper!

2. Send her a teddy – Buy her a big cute teddy bear. Even if she already has one, she won’t mind a new one. Just make sure you do not gift a teddy similar to the ones she already has.

3. New tops – Gift her new top, which has a design of a teddy bear printed on it. Or you can gift her any other accessory like a bag or wallet, which has a teddy made on it. During the Valentine’s week, such gifts are commonly available in gift stores so you will not have much of a problem finding one.

4. A bean bag – Girls love to spend hours sitting on the bean bag, thinking, over thinking and re-thinking! If your girl is one such lazy bum, you can gift her bean bag in the shape of a teddy.

5. Chocolates – We do not mean normal shaped chocolates. You will get chocolates in the shape of cute teddies. You can also give an order for handmade chocolates in the shape of teddies.

6. A card – If you think you need to save money for other important days like Promise Day and Valentine’s Day, keep the Teddy Day a low budget affair by sending a simple Happy Teddy Day card along with a happy teddy day SMS. Keep it simple and sweet.

7. A teddy phone cover – This can also be a low budget gift. Gift her phone cover having teddy theme. You can also stick a picture of you two on the inside of the cover for that added romantic touch.

8. A teddy themed cake – Order a special cake, which has a theme of a teddy bear. The overall theme can be her room, her wardrobe, and a large teddy in between.
If you are creative, you sure will come up with more and better ideas than these!

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