How to help jobseekers find out their first job in Dubai?

Finding your first job can be a daunting task considering the huge competition out there for every possible position. If you are searching for your first job in Dubai, which happens to be the best place to live in the Middle East, this post will help you in the same.

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, buzzing real estate sector and vibrant hotel & tourism sector. The city is a favorite destination of many in the Middle East owing to its ultramodern lifestyle, overwhelming shopping malls, peaceful political settings and moderate ideology. Besides, most multinationals have their offices in the city and the salaries are tax-free, another reason why everyone wants it to be their preferred destination of employment. If you happen to be freshly out of college looking for a job in Dubai, the following tips will help you in the same.

Check the rules: Middle East has its own set of rules regarding employment.  If you are an expat, you specially need to go through the rule book at least once or hire an agency that can advice you on the interpretation and enforcement of the UAE Labor law. As it would be your first job, staying apprised on the law of the land where you seek employment is one of the first must-do things. Other necessary facts that you must be aware about before starting out your search includes contracts of employment, employee benefits, data protection, pensions, redundancy and termination, and dispute resolution terms and conditions.

Real estate and construction

Real estate and construction has emerged as the most dominant sector, contributing 22.6% to the economy of Dubai.

Check your job options: If you are searching for a job with a particular place in mind, which happen to be Dubai in this case then you must be aware of the job statistics of that place, city or country. In case of Dubai, the sector that propelled it to the world limelight is oil & gas and therefore most expats used to get hired for some major oil corporation. However, the current economics dynamics have changed a lot. Real estate and construction has emerged as the most dominant sector, contributing 22.6% to the economy of Dubai, followed by trade (16%), and financial services. It is therefore natural to expect that these sectors feature maximum job openings.  Before embarking on a job search, check the availability of various employment opportunities in Dubai.

Create an effective resume: After listing the available job options the next step in the natural progression is to get your resume out there among the recruiters. This might as well be the most important step in the whole process. Your resume is the reflection of what all you have to offer to the recruiter. Within a page or so, you have to convince the recruiter to give you an opportunity solely based on your educational credentials. Therefore, the resume should be as effective as it can be. Besides, every country or region has its own set of rules and trends and the onus lies on the applicant to research about the prevailing fads of that place and incorporate them in his resume.       

As for Dubai, the city is currently experiencing a surge in video resumes. One NGO that helps applicants create effective video resume is Interns ME, which has its own portal. The organization gives applicants the chance to create a profile on their portal and record a minute-long video introduction on why the recruiters should hire the candidate. The site has witnessed more than 3700 registrations since its inception.

Once your resume gets selected it is essential to be prepared for the interview following the necessary drill of researching about the company, the job description and the roles and responsibilities you will be expected to deliver.

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