How to celebrate your kid’s birthday without throwing a party

How to celebrate your kid’s birthday without throwing a party

Looking for innovative ways to celebrate the birthday of your child? My son is turning 8 years this month, and we have decided to something other than having a party. No doubt you can order cakes online to provide a new dimension to your party, but there are still some innovative ways to make your birthday special.

One of the best ways to celebrate the birthday of your child is to take them to the movies. If you are on tight budget, this is the most economical way to celebrate. You can also save more money by going to a morning show where the tickets will be cheaper. If your budget is a bit flexible, you can ask a friend of your child to accompany them.

Going out for a dinner is also a great way to celebrate a birthday. For your child’s special day, you can order cakes online and have a dinner with the family. One could also ask a few friends of your kids to accompany them. Kids have their own choice in terms of favourite restaurants, and at the restaurant, you can get order designer cakes and that could be based on their favourite cartoon character. You can ask the online cake delivery service to directly send to restaurant as a surprise for your kid.

Amusement park
When I asked my son what he would like to do on his birthday, a visit to an amusement park was on top of the list. This was a pretty expensive trip and my immediate reaction was to look out for discounts. I was pretty much amazed at the discounts, which most of the amusement centres offered. Not only on the fares, was I able to get attractive discounts on food items also.

I love bowling and I would be more than happy if my son wants to go to the bowling centre. It is also a activity, which all the members of family can enjoy together. In hindsight, if you are on a shoe string budget, it works out for the entire family. Some can also have a special family night dedicated for their family members.
Try something unusual this time and make your kid’s day extra special, the memories of which he can cherish for his entire life.

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