Hero Zir 150 Vs Honda PCX150

The vast and ever expanding Indian two-wheeler market is constantly buzzing with the news of new, exciting and sporty two-wheeler models. The innumerable two-wheeler makers in India, both homegrown and global are always trying to woe the young and the young at heart with fabulous new machines on two wheels. The year 2016 witnessed the launch of many new models, and even when this calendar year is reaching closer to its conclusion, the Indian two-wheeler market has yet some more to offer. Two of the most anticipated scooter launches in India have been the Hero Zir 150 and the Honda PCX150. Both these scooters have been much awaited for long, but unfortunately both of them are yet to hit the actual Indian market. After a long time, the power-scooters are going to have a major come back in this country and the sporty Hero Zir 150 and the Honda PCX150 are certainly going to steal the show and the hearts of the fun loving Indian scooter buyers.

It is a well known fact that India’s as well as the world’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp is the arch rival of the Japanese Honda, as these two companies are always fighting for the top position spot in India. While Honda is yet to overtake the mighty homegrown Hero, it is always threatening the latter to overtake and pose as the biggest challenge. These two Indian and Japanese two-wheeler majors are certainly a good example of good friends becoming worst foes, as they used to be very famous in their joint venture – Hero Honda. Post their split however, they are now the greatest challenger to each other. Interestingly, both Hero MotoCorp and Honda2wheelers India had introduced their sporty scooter models, namely – the Zir 150 & PCX 150, respectively back at 2014 Auto Expo. And coincidentally both the scooters are yet to officially launch in the Indian market. Nevertheless, they are (yes, again both of them) expected to hit the Indian roads finally by end 2016, ending the long wait of the India scooter aficionados.

The Hero Zir 150 and the Honda PCX150 scooters will both come with powerful 150 cc engines and offer excellent power and superb torque to offer amazing ride experience. So, how will these two arch rivals fight with each other once they launch in India? Which one is better braced to win the cut-throat competition in this segment? Let’s look at these closely to find out these answers.

Here’s a look at the Hero Zir 150 Vs Honda PCX150
Engine & Transmission
As they are power scooters, the first thing that matters most is mechanical specs. The Hero scooter is powered by a 157 cc liquid cooled motor that is capable of pumping out a good 14.1 Bhp of max power and 12.7 Nm of top torque. On the other hand, the Honda PCX150 is equipped with a 153 cc liquid cooled engine that is good to churn out 13.4 Bhp of power and 14 Nm of torque. Both the scooters are equipped with CVT gearboxes. Although it might seem like there is no difference in terms of engine displacement among the two models, the Hero Zir 150 actually has a larger mill and also offers better power figures. Thus, the Hero Zir wins in this aspect with a more powerful 157 cc engine.


Looks matter a lot when the final buying decision is concerned. In terms of styling, both the scooters look quite similar, as they are both very attractively designed and offer a highly sporty visual appeal. However, the Hero Zir 150 is a bit bigger bike than the Honda PCX150 and has a higher ground clearance as well. Apart from its bigger dimensions, the Hero model is also coming with a beefier design that adds to its aggressive looks. The larger dimensions as well as the more muscular looks of the Hero Zir, thus puts it ahead in race in the styling aspect as well.


Performance is actually more significant than engine specifications, as ultimately it is real world performance that matters at the end of the day and not what it shows on papers. In this department, the Japanese scooter is really better. Honda is known for making efficient and very refined engines and even though Hero has the knowhow of the same being an ex-partner of Honda, it seems like the Indian company still has some way to go to match up to its Japanese rival in terms of engine refinement. The Honda PCX wins in this aspect hands down with its refined and smooth motor that offers great pickup.

Fuel Efficiency
Both the Hero and the Honda scooters are promising to offer a fuel efficiency of more than 50 km per liter. However, considering the engine size and the engine displacements of both these bikes, it can be safely said that the real world mileage of the Hero Zir will be around 45 Km per liter, while the Honda PCX150 would offer a bit better efficiency of around 48 km per liter.

However, Hero still wins in this aspect too. The reason behind this is range that the Zir 150 will offer. The Hero Zir comes with a 9-liter fuel tank as compared against the smaller 8 lire fuel tank capacity of the Honda PCX150. This makes the Hero scooter offer a range of 380 kms on a full tank, while the Honda model will offer just 310 kms of range. A better range certainly makes for a better scooter.

Value for Money
As both the scooters are yet to launch in India, their prices are not yet known. However, it is expected that Honda PCX will cost in the range of Rs.70 to 90,000, but as per some other sources it is going to be much costlier. The Hero Zir on the other hand is certainly going to be priced below a lakh. With all its capabilities and expected better pricing, the Hero Zir is likely to offer a better value for money.

It is very much clear that the Hero Zir 150 is the winner in this competition with better looks, bigger engine, better range and expected better value for money.

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