Henna Tattoos: The Natural Way of Tattooing

Getting chemically inked was in fashion but due to its several severe implications people got inclined towards natural way of tattooing. To know about Henna Tattoo in Dubai and its benefits get low down here and read more.

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Chemical tattooing

With growing popularity of tattoos, major chunk of the youth is relying on this form of art for beautifying body and augmenting looks. But chemical tattooing has some side effects and issues associated that has reduced its acceptance.

Few of the disadvantages allied are:-

It is painful affair: - Getting chemically inked is painful. Usually artist use needle that pierces the upper derma and then etches the designs. This is difficult and not all are able to get it.  At times blood may profuse and may be an intimidating experience.

Costly: – Chemical tattooing involves lot of cost. Artist involved in tattoo making charge big amount from the clients as the ink and tools involved in tattoo making is expensive.

Difficult to remove: - Most of the chemical tattoos are for lifetime and are called permanent tattoos. Though there are temporary tattoos as well but they last only for few hours and are not at all appealing.

In contrary to the artificial form of tattooing, Henna the natural way takes a lead and is preferred over this for many reasons.

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Henna tattooing

It has become the latest fashion. This way of tattooing overcomes all the disadvantages of chemical tattooing. To start with this form of tattooing all you suppose to have is henna paste which is completely herbal and has no side effects.

The paste is applied with the help of a cone which is made of plastic and involves no pain. The paste is used to apply different designs and patterns. You can try any design of your choice. This form of tattooing is greatly witnessed at the time of some gatherings or occasions in the family. Most of the brides get their hands and legs tattooed at the time of their wedding.

The color of Henna is dark brown and leaves an aromatic fragrance. Moreover it is not at all difficult to remove. It fades over a period of week. So you don’t have to just go on with the similar type of design. You can re-apply other designs which are in vogue and fascinates you.

Besides henna is used for several other reasons, it is not only good for applying tattoos but also conditions hairs, can be applied to nails and cools body temperature. People in hot countries like India, Pakistan and Arab make great use of it.  And apply it to different body parts as in ankle, leg, hands, hairs and palms.  So there are several advantages allied to Henna. Moreover it is not at all an expensive affair. One can easily find it in an alleyway and is available for small amount.

But applying different tattoo designs is not easy as you need to learn the art. There are several institutes that offer training in tattoo designing. Enrolling for henna classes with leading institutes unveils an opportunity to groom your skills and in sync with experts you develop an ability to draw various designs. Initially aspirants are trained with paper and pencil. Once you are thorough with drawing, the next level is to practice with henna. Learning any art form helps you with future job prospects. Most of the institutes offer certification after the session which can be used in setting up your own venture and alluring customers.

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