Going Off Road At The Circumferences Of Pune

What comes to your mind when you think of Pune? The skyscrapers in the city, misal pav or maybe the traditional dance and music. But has it ever crossed your mind that there are hundred of things attached in and around the city of Pune, which hasn’t been explored yet. If you went a little off road, there are some really amusing places to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing ones.

The area in and around Pune is not just about the fervent Lavani, crowded universities, green covers or the weather. If you take a broader look, there are some really amazing places to explore in the surrounding region which are as easy to reach, as taking a Pune to Mumbai cab. Let’s take at some of the best picks.

Tarkali – Located at the southern part of Maharashtra, this small village is known for its miles long coastline and pristine clear waters. If you’re in for doing nothing, then the beaches is perfect for taking a beach bed and soaking the sun. Taking a long walk along the coast could be great way to retrospect. If you like to know the local culture, you can go along the fishermen on a sea tour and explore their daily routine, food habits and other ways to earn the livelihood. For refreshment, there are few shacks and huts along the beach, good for digging into some authentic local cuisine.
Located at few kilometers from Pune, Tarkali is a great place to enjoy the serenity of a calm beach.

Kaas Plateau – Located in the Sahyadri range, Kaas appears like a huge bed of flowers. The region got its name after the Kaas tree which sprouts white flowers in spring, also known as Kaas Pathar. The entire Kaas region is known for its wide species, which appears like a huge blanket of flowers. Kaas Plateau is a huge hit among nature lovers and botanists who frequent the place in search of rare varieties. Don’t think of plucking a flower as the entire Kaas plateau has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nagaon Beach – This famous beach in the Alibaug is known for its cleanliness and the white sand which perfectly mixes with the blue Arabian Sea. Located amidst the other famous beaches like Akshi, Kashid, Murud, Mandwa, Kihim etc., the beach is famous for its adventure activities like parasailing, kayaking, speed boating and jet skiing. The beach is shallow and hence perfect for snorkeling. Apart from adventure sports, local seafood is a delight to have. The food and accommodation is cheap, hence the area is extremely popular amongst college-goers.

Malhargad – This hill fort is located at a proximity of 30km from the main city centre and derived its name from Lord Malhari, an avatar of Shiva. The fort is also famous as Sonori, after the name of the village at its base. Constructed by the Peshwas in the 16th century, the fort served as a watch tower against the intruders coming from the sea.

So, if you’re looking for an off-the-road activity, these lesser known tourist destinations are just thing you need to looking at. If you are coming from different cities, it is better to get you travel arrangements in line. Look for Chennai to Pune, Bengaluru to Pune and Delhi to Pune flight rates to get the best deal.

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