Giloy Juice for Health

If you are looking for an herb that can do wonders for your health, then your search stops right here. Giloy is an herb that has magical effects on the human body. It can treat several health problems and can also prevent certain diseases that might occur in future. Giloy is an herb that is used in Ayurveda. It is known by the name amrita, which means immortal. It is also commonly known as the Indian Tinospora.For complete body health, regular consumption of Giloy juice is recommended.

Let us look at the various Giloy juice benefits -

Boosts your immunity -
Giloy consists of many antioxidants which can fight the free-radicals. These will make the cells healthy and powerful to face any diseases or foreign bodies. It also helps in getting rid of toxins and fight bacteria. Giloy purifies your blood and fights against liver diseases and urinary tract infections. It can also be used to treat cardiac problems.

Treatment of chronic fever -
Giloy can avoid recurrent fevers as it is anti-pyretic. So, when a person is suffering from dengue, flu and malaria, Giloy is like a magic potion.

Diabetes -
Giloy is a hypoglycaemic agent and can balance the blood sugar levels. It is especially useful for type 2 diabetes.

Digestive system -
The regular consumption of Giloy juice can lead to improved digestive and bowel system. It is also helpful for people with constipation.

Stress and anxiety -
Giloy assists in reduction of mental stress and anxiety. It will also boost your memoryand calms you down.

Respiratory system -
Giloy is well known for its anti inflammatory properties. It will also reduce respiratory issues such as cough, cold and tonsils. People suffering from asthma will benefit from Giloy. It can be useful against shortness of breath and wheezing.

Arthritis -
Giloy comes in handy to treat arthritis and its numerous symptoms.

Improved vision -
Giloy can boost the vision clarity

Aging -
Giloy contains many anti aging properties. It is also good for reducing dark spots, fine lines, acne and wrinkles. You can have flawless and glowing skin.

These are some of the Giloy juice health benefits. Giloy is a very helpful herb that can be consumed regularly because there are no major side effects. It is a safe and natural herbal remedy for many problems. Giloy juice is simple and effective health tonic that can be consumed along with other herbal juices or individually too.

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