Getting your waterside home ready for Christmas

One of the best things about living by the water is the festivals you celebrate. Decorating a waterside home is unique in its own way. Holidays are the times when you can make the most of the fact that you live by a beautiful water body, enhancing the most cherished aspect of your home – the water view – by keeping your decorating ideas in tune with nature.

Getting your waterside home ready for Christmas presents some ideas to get your waterside home ready for Christmas:

  1. Lights – Lights are integral to Christmas. Living by the water usually means you have numerous natural bushes, trees, and plants that you can drape with strings of lights instead of just your Christmas tree. String lights up along the edges of your roof, along the deck railing and onto every tree that dots the edge of the edge of the water. What you get is an entire region whose natural resources are alight with the spirit of Christmas. And if you’re lucky enough to live very near the water, the reflections of the lights on the water will add an extra, wondrous charm.
  2. Hot cocoa station – Perfect in homes near a frozen lake, a hot cocoa stand is a favorite with kids and adults alike. Allot a small part of your kitchen to be turned into a hot cocoa station. Keep cups, cocoa powder, sugar, marshmallows, a kettle, and loads of red and white Christmas candy canes for a complete winter wonderland experience.
  3. Starfish, not stars – If you live by the beach, Christmas is the perfect time to really bring in the beach house feel. Instead of stars to hang on your Christmas tree, use star fish shapes. Cut out a star fish shape from a piece of wood and stick crushed sea shells on it for a sparkly, unique decoration.
  4. Seahorses and crabs – Here is another idea perfect for beach homes. Buy wooden cut outs of sea creatures such as seahorses or crabs and paint them in beautiful, metallic gold, silver, or any other color of your choice. Perfect for use as tree decorations.
  5. Decorative ball ornaments – Whether you live by the river, the beach, or the river, these ball ornaments come in a variety of options, one of which is sure to suit you. Wrap a plain ball ornament with rope for that nautical look, or create a ball ornament made from sea shells for that beach look. On your tree or around your deck, these ornaments are perfect in multiple places.
  6. Transparent ball ornaments – Pick up transparent ball ornaments and fill them with your choice of filling. Sand and shells, ribbon, rope, curling paper, or even small glass chips – fill them up and hang them around the house. What you will get is a beautiful, eye-catching sparkle when the sunlight or moon rays shine off your home made ornaments.
  7. Themed Christmas tree – Put your Christmas tree up on the deck and decorate it with ornaments of a specific color or two. These colors can be blue if you live by the beach or a pristine lake, or red and yellow if you live by the river and the red and yellow hues of the sunset sky is the highlight of your day.

There they are – some decoration ideas to make Christmas at your waterfront home all the more special. The best part is that a lot of these are simple and easy to make yourself. So get started on decorating so that the beauty of nature and festival can be brought together in wondrous harmony.

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