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There is no news in the world as exciting as when a couple comes to know that they are expecting a child. At the end of the day, children make a perfect family. But there are some unfortunate couples as well who do not get the opportunity to become parents due to infertility issues. Infertility in a simple language would mean couples who are not able to conceive. However, thanks to the advanced technology in the field medical science, this inability can be treated with the help of infertility treatment.
In the last couple of years, the problem of infertility has increased tremendously. Studies have found that the reason behind so many cases is the level of stress in life of youngsters these days and the wrong unhealthy lifestyle. Infertility does not only happen to females; it can happen to males as well. In order to overcome this problem of conceiving, couples are recommended to consult with infertility specialists. If you are one of those unlucky couples who have been trying to conceive but haven’t been able to then you must contact some of the best infertility specialist in Mumbai. Here are some answers to the doubts you may have regarding infertility: -

Are we eligible to consult a specialist?
Anyone and everyone who has not been able to conceive even after year of trying can consult an infertility specialist.

How should a couple go about it?
The first step is to contact a gynaecologist to ensure that other than infertility there are no further health problems. Once the gynaecologist confirms that other than this there is no other health issue, then they are referred to an infertility specialist.
What is infertility in men?

Low sperm count or any kind of blockages can cause infertility in men. During the examination men have to go through sperm count test, motility and even the shape of the sperm is checked.

What is infertility in women?
Infertility is majorly seen in women compared to men. Ovulation problems caused by hormones can be a reason of infertility in women. The quality of the egg is another good reason for infertility in women.

What does the specialist do?
After conducting series of tests and examination in both male and the female, depending on who is infertile, the treatment begins. If the problem is found in the male candidate, then it can be solved by surgical treatments. In case the problem is with the sperm then an intervention with IUI in conjunction with fertility drugs can help women conceive.

For women, fertility drugs can help the female to conceive. Other treatments can be IVF, IUI or even surgical interventions.

Other options than surgical treatments

Surrogacy or obtaining donor eggs and sperm can also resolve the issue.

So there are various options that a person can lookout for treating infertility. But the key thing is to find a good infertility specialist. You can find some of the best infertility doctor in Mumbai for your infertility issues.

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