Four Common Event Management Blunders and How Event Management Software Helps

As an event manager, you have to juggle dozens of small and big tasks. And it is exactly like juggling: eve if you miss just one of the tasks, it can cause the event to fail. By automating most of the tasks, you can simplify the process and make it more accurate. Let’s take a quick look at some common problems encountered while managing events and see how an event management software can provide solutions.

1. Not putting enough efforts in event promotion

The success of an event depends heavily on promotion. So, you need to make optimum use of different marketing channels to popularize the event. Many a times, event managers simply don’t make enough efforts to promote the events, limiting its success.

What is the way out?

An event management software allows you to organize all promotion effort. It also has email and SMS marketing modules that simplify promotions.

2. Not planning things properly

At times, you get an event and you start working on it right away, without making any proper plans. This may hurt the chances of its success – you team members may not know their duty, the potential participants may not know about the events and too many tickets may sit unsold.

What is the way out?

An event management software comes with built-in planning modules that make it very easy for you plan the events. You can use it to make plans within a few minutes.

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3. People can’t buy tickets online

Most people like to buy tickets online, but many event managers do not set up online ticketing. This means that they lose a large potential audience. Most people are happy to buy tickets it they can get it online, but if they are forced to travel and buy tickets from a physical location.

What is the way out?

A ticketing software will integrate with your website and it will have a ticketing module. This means that you will be able to sell tickets online without any hassles.

As can be seen, a comprehensive event management solutions can help you automate the most important tasks. This helps you do more in less time.

4. Selecting the wrong software

Sometimes, event managers invest money in the costliest solution available in the market, but later realize that the event registration process and other functionalities are not as simple as they should be.

What is the way out?

Use a demo product before installing the system in your company’s mainframe. Scrutinize all the features such as registration, ticket selling facility, email marketing capacity and anything else that seems important to you. Always remember that usability is the ultimate concern, not the brand name.

But, in order to get the benefits of automation, you need to buy a software that has a number of different features and modules. Also, it is best to buy a cloud-based event management software, as you can access and use it through mobile devices, anytime, anywhere! 

Author Bio: Monik Makadiya is a technology enthusiast and loves to write about online event management. He works with IVVY, an online event management program which gives wings to your event management capabilities. You can find him on Twitter at @painstakingMM.

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