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“Fitness is not being better than somebody else but being better than you used to be earlier”.

When you wish to leave healthy, you have to start living fit. Living fit and healthy is not a day’s wish, but you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness workout schedule in order to keep yourself fit. You may enrol yourself with a fitness gym or may have a small gym set up at your home itself. Nowadays, all of the gym equipments are easy available, you can even buy them from an online store and place them at your home with utmost convenience. Here is the layman’s guide to some of the most important fitness equipments available in the online market. In the market, there are two types of fitness equipments available; 1) free weights and 2) machines. Barbells, dumbbells and weight plates fall generally in the free weight categories. They are called free weights just because they are not attached to any kind of pulley or pins or weight stacks. While the other kind of fitness equipments are machine-based; which include a wide variety of machines categorized into different forms like – machines for particular muscles and multi-station for the whole body work out. Multi-station machines come cheaper since they occupy lesser space and are meant for the whole body rather than working for a particular muscle.


Below we discuss a set of few such important types of equipments from both, free weights and machine fitness equipments, helping you in your purchase.

Free Weights
Barbells: When the weight plates are attached on both sides of a long iron bar of 4 to 7 metres, those are barbells. Barbell exercise is generally done by holding the iron bar by both hands and lifted above your head.

Dumbbells: A short form of burble is the dumbbells. The length of the iron rod in this equipment ranges from 10-15 inches. This kind of exercise involves the pumping of both the hands with dumbbells in each
Weight Plates: Weight plates are generally 2.5 to 100 lbs in weight made of iron. You also get the option to regulate the weight by adjusting the thickness of the plastic weight plates for the newbies.


• Leg Press Machine: One of the most effective leg exercise equipments is the Leg Press Machine. This machine is set at a 45-degree angle. With this machine, you are able to lift up heavy weights without any chance of falling or slipping.

• Leg Extension Machine: Wish to isolate the quadriceps? You may rely on a Leg Extension Machine. Mostly, this equipment is used to warm up the knee joints before starting with squats and leg press machines.

• Calf Machines: To give an energy boost to your calves, there are two most unique kinds of machines; 1) Standing calf raise, which is meant for the upper calf portion and the 2) Sitting calf raise machines that work for the lower calf muscles

With the boon of technology, now a home gym is not a difficult one to set up for keeping yourself fit. With the advent of internet and various e-commerce sites, knowing about different fitness equipments and buying them online is just a click away.

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