Fire Collars: Ultimate Fire Protection

Safety is of paramount importance for mankind since the time of its evolution. There are many perils in the form of natural or man-made also, which can be proved hazardous for life, as well as, valuables. When a building is built, the various compartments of that building are connected to each other with the plastic pipes that run through the structure. These plastic pipes penetrate all the barriers like floor, walls, or other barriers. These pipes can become a menace to the security of the entire building if one compartment is on fire. These pipes will allow the fire to spread from one compartment to another compartment in the building. This happens when the pipes melt away with the effect of rising temperature.

14To all the equipments or the substances, which are used in the construction a fire rating is given. There is a method by which this rating can be maintained. The most acceptable method to maintain the fire rating is to install the fire collars. No doubt they are very useful in avoiding the breakout of the fire in various parts of the building, as well.

When this fire protection equipment is being purchased, it has to be made sure that the correct collars are purchased. The different substances have different requirements, and thus, the collars purchased should meet this need of the substance. The next thing, which is to be kept in mind, is the way of setting these collars up. It is strictly recommended installing these collars as per the directions of the manufacturer. There is a manual that the manufacturer provides, which contains the procedure by which the collars can be installed correctly. The quality of collars also matters a lot so while purchasing the collars, always go for the best quality product only.


The most common type of these collars is the surface mounted ones. These collars are fixed around the plastic pipes on the surface of the building element. This is installed under the floor slab in the case of floor slabs. In case of walls, the collars are placed on either side, to provide complete protection. If it is known that the attack of the fire is only possible from one side, then, placing the collar on one side is also sufficient.

This type of things provides maximized protection to the buildings. These days when the buildings are so prone to the fire accidents can be made secure with this product. This is a great development of modern technology and human intelligence.

This thing is available in the market for industrial use and is being sold by a number of manufacturers. The manufacturers have their own products with different qualities and different prices. The buyer needs to find out the manufacturer who is providing the material of universal standard as the quality actually matters in these cases.

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