Exploring unlimited possibilities in the Mumbai’s real estate market

Mumbai’s property when compared with other metros has been on the high and is raising on the value proposition that it has to offer to the investors. While there are misconceptions about the market, there are underlining facts that cannot be changed. We bring to light two locations in Mumbai that are offering great value  

Time to address misconceptions rotating the Mumbai’s real estate market

Mumbai has been going through a lean phase as per the many perceptions that are held by the common public which are also shared by some market experts. There are many classic metros across the globe that have been through this phase. One of the perceptions that Mumbai’s property market is subjected to is that the market is slowly fading away in terms of its new offerings. The property options are getting limited due to the saturation that the city is facing right now. However, this perception is not as true as the kind of accelerating growth that has been spoken about some of the emerging markets.

There is a tendency to overstate the facts and there are always some possibilities that are purely based upon the trends. There are many limitations with the markets that are being talked regarding the accelerated property growth.  There is a basic difference in the markets that are purely driven by investments and the markets that are stable. Mumbai’s stable real estate market has been misrepresented as saturation. Another misconception is related to the property value that is on the higher side and such properties may not be considered for exponential growth which is seen in the emerging markets. Here, real estate observers and property investors need to take in to account the costs and added investments involved in reaching up to the desired value. Mumbai’s properties come with standard investment models where the investors are not expected to really track every single development and subsequently make up the value any property can offer. There are many examples like Property in Dahisar that are in consistence with what Mumbai has always been offering to its investors. A flat in Andheri East will represent the demand and value that the residential properties carry all the time. There could be instances of market fluctuations which is a common scenario across the world and in property markets. The true test of a metro is in its comeback strategy where Mumbai has never failed its investor.

Facts to be known from Dahisar     

  • Dahisar, being a property destination in Mumbai has many exciting facts for the prospective investors.
  • The Dahisar Bridge that is built along the Dahisar River has been the major landmark of the city.
  • There are many educational institutions that include St.Mary High School, Vidhya Mandir High School and Swami Vivekananda Educational Center just to name a few. Any area that has good educational institutions can be popularly known for property value too.
  • This place is popularly known for reputed properties from highly respected promotes like Vishram Builders, Satyam Promoters and SR Foundations who are among many other reputed builders and promoters.

About Andheri East flats

  • Andheri East has been traditionally known for its popular residential facilities.
  • A well developed location within the vicinity of Mumbai which is also a popular metro station connecting the rest of the city, it is definitely a dream destination for investments.
  • The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the major advantage that Andheri East wields over other localities and hence is surrounded by many residential and commercial properties.

Dahisar and Andheri West are two of the most popular locations that are traditionally known for residential properties. They represent and share the sentiment of Mumbai property market even as they help investors realize their value on investments.

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