Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

winter morning

Affliction on oneself should never be an option. But in the cold winter morning in December, when the floor was still warm with the people cuddling together and the sky was cold with the ignorant people, the man with the bare feet jumped from his apartment, ending the years ahead of him in a sudden agony. His apartment, when approached, had only one thing that drew the attention of the police; his last note. The cruel mistreatments of his trust, the wrong doings of his partner, the incessant ignorance, the unfathomable future of the once bright plans, the fading smile, the cold lips, the dark shade in her eyes that hid something. He jumped because nothing was holding him to the ground and while through the stories that he skipped without walking the stairs, he thought to himself, “If only he could’ve forgotten everything, whitewash the blotches on his once beautiful life….. If only.”

The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a concept that promises to make our lives more beautiful, more meaningful. The limitless anguish of living in a relationship that has already expired propels hatred and repels any positivity that tries to creep back in the relationship. Happiness is overrated, that’s for sure. But if you struggle your escape out of a bad relationship, then your spotless mind instantly heals your heart, paving the way for a happier ambience inside your dwelling. Let us be honest and say that there is someone who we are incessantly trying to enjoin our daily life with, but we are constantly being rejected. No matter how attractive a person is, there is always that one person above him which rules his world. Even if you get out of a relationship, there is another individual at the corner with the same intensity of love mixed with pride, jealousy and ego that will put you in the same situation you were before. The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, as depicted in the movie is a total-memory wipeout process through which you completely forget a person with whom you once wished to share an eternity.

eternal sunshine

But in the climax of the dark reel, we finally see that the heart overpowers the brain, causing a magnetic reaction to two long forgotten memories of the heart. But the aspect of the movie is not applicable in real life, and it is not easy to forgive and forget someone without reminding the other person about the excruciating pain you have gone through.

The focal point of this conversation is the question that has always taken the first seat in the drive of my life towards my goal and towards my destination. Why is it that people tend to break the connections from the roots when they have given up on relationships? And why some people tend to hold on to the memory of the preceding years with no preparation for the things ahead? Is it eternal sunshine if we choose to be devoid of being in any relationships?

This life is final and even though there will be a rebirth of your soul, whether through the effusion of energy or through the realms of the spiritual world, the relationships in your life will be final. So for the people who are in a bad relationship and are constantly being projected into insanity and violence, it is imperative for them to leave the relationship. While on the other side, the people whose life is based on the constant scenario of doing the same thing repetitiously and are bored with their partners, it is imperative for them to stay in contact with their partners even after separation. When I think about it…. This is exactly what people do. The happiness in my life has, at some point of time, entirely depended upon the action of what I considered my other half. So when there came a time I felt and realized that my happiness was not an option for the other person, I truly felt that I had been deprived of the condition to breath freely, I felt like I had been chained to think only about the condition I was in. I fell, but I followed, but I soon realized that my eternal sunshine was in the small things of my life.


The spotless mind conveys the thought that if your mind is immaculately clean and you’re in no contemplation of things whatsoever, you will then be truly happy. But it is experienced by an immeasurable number of people that attaining a mind that is filled with nothingness is not easy, it is very hard to clear the mind of things that were once so beautiful. If you are trying to forget a person that you had once deeply loved, then it is completely impossible. When we meet a new person and we indulge in new things, the loneliness that once haunted us fades away. But as I have implored again and again, another partner is another replacement, you will either be bored or you will be given for insanity yet again. So I convey this message to all my friends and to my readers that relationships are beautiful and it can bestow us with great happiness and true contentment.

‘But the eternal sunshine of your life should not be in the influence of the other person. Your soul should be independent but your affection for that person should be omnipresent. It is only through knowing how to love yourself, we truly comprehend how to love the other person. It is only through residing in the womb of the darkness that we know it is bright when we step outside.’

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