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With the development of the economy and different sectors, the requirement of good managers has reached the next level. There are many reasons behind the students who choose to make a career in the management field. The promising future career and excellent financial status are also reasons responsible behind the choice of aspirants. However, it needs much skill and advanced knowledge to be a good manager and perform well. There are many business schools, which help the students, to develop theses skills in them and so admission to such institutes is very important.

studyManagement is the most popular option for the students these days who are willing to step into the corporate sector. The number of management institutes in the country is telling the tale of the popularity of this course. A lot of aspirants are choosing the field of management to become successful in their life. The big organizations are also looking for the management students who promise better performance. They don’t need to be trained in the basics and being performed from the start.

The start of a corporate career:

To enter into this occupation, the first thing is to clear any management entrance exam, which is essential to clear to enter into a management school. There are some exams, which can be taken to enter into the management schools, and one of the most popular exams for this purpose is the MAT, which is conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA). The examination result is released in percentile form, and according to that only, the aspirants get admission in the management schools. In India, many management schools take the result of this examination.


This exam is conducted 4 times in a year and is taken by a great number of students each time. The very first date of the examination comes in May, the second, third and fourth exams are conducted in September, December and February. The exam paper includes 200 questions, which are divided into various sections:

•             Data interpretation

•             Language comprehension

•             Logical and critical reasoning

•             Indian and global environment.

•             Quantitative skills

All these questions are to be taken by the aspirant in a short time of 90 minutes.

A great number of application forms come from the students each time the examination takes place. The aspirant needs to deposit certain charges for application for sitting in the examination.

The four different exams include the similar syllabus and consist of the same difficulty level, but the performance in these four different examinations has different difficulty level, which is determined by the competition. In this year, the two exams have already been held, and two more are to be conducted. The December MAT exam 2013 is now to come. Pretty soon the aspirants will receive their admit hall ticket, and they will be all prepared to sit in the test, to achieve their dream career.

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