Do life skills matter?

The term “life skills”is used popularly these days and is often an education that parents want their children to undergo for improvement of livelihood skills. Life skills are all about business management, critical thinking, economic goals, analysing situations, taking better decisions, citizenship, environmental sustainability and much more.

The WHO, World Health Organisation stated that life skills are essential for the development of the child, and they defined it as the ability to adapt and bring positive behaviour in children that will bring out their personality. This will help them in dealing effectively with the challenges and demands of the everyday life along with educational life.

On the other hand, UNICEF defined life skills to be behaviour changes that develop the approach of life in kids which helps them in balancing three important factors like attitude, knowledge, and skills. Life skills education program is more important than you might be thinking.

Why is it important? Here is why –

 It will help your child in coping with different puzzling scenarios which may arise at school or in the playground. They will develop a sense of self-management and not come with every little problem towards you. This will make a healthy and productive life for them in the present and future.

 Life skills in kids can help them transition successfully from time to time and prepare them for the challenges coming in their life at a later stage. They will learn to become more practical about things than emotional. It is vital to sometimes become stern about scenarios than to sit and cry. Isn’t it?

 As parents, you cannot cultivate social habits or problem solving skills in your child. But through life skills, you can make your children more social and confident about fixing issues that may come up with teachers or when they are participating in sports.

 Life skills will make a positive boundary around them. Who doesn’t want their children to be positive in life? With so many negative things always happening around the globe, it is the best to get your children studying about the positive aspects of every situation. It will be a major step for them in their regular life as well as work life.

 Force your children to learn life skills as it will support them in removing the pros and cons that will ultimately result in them taking a better decision than they would usually. Also, were you aware that life skills can enhance reading, writing, and studying skills too of your children?

 Lastly, you will be surprised to see how well-developed and focused they are about things. They will plan and organize their time,and along with this, they will also have more economic common sense than most kids and adults. They will be better citizens and work towards creating a brighter future for themselves and people around them.

Life skills make a major difference in every child’s life and it is better if you start early. Enrol them in several life skill courses right away.

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