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Originated from the Romanian name Hispania, Spain is an exotic country located in the south-western part of Europe. It is also a major Latin country of Europe. People from all over the world visit the beautiful country of Spain for its rich culture, cuisines, mountains, islands, flora and fauna, breath-taking views and dance. Definitely, dance!! Spain has a lot of history behind it which makes it perfect to visit during any weather with friends and family or get gutsy and visit Spain solo.

In ancient times, during the early middle Ages, Spain came under the Rulership of Germany and later on it was conquered by invaders of Moorish who came from North Africa.
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The small Christian kingdoms that are present in the north side gradually started to regain control of the peninsula region. The last of the Moorish kingdom fell and in the same year, Columbus reached America. After this, the global empire began that witnessed Spain emerging as the strongest kingdom in Europe and also became the leading world power and the largest overseas empire for almost 300 years.

Even though Spain went through all this trauma of being conquered and then a declining economy it still went on and became the successful democracy.

Places to visit:
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There are so many breath-taking Places to Visit in Spain that are totally worth checking out. From its exotic islands to rivers to mountains, Spain has got so much to offer. It is a nature’s paradise for everyone and it is definitely a country like no other. Get in touch with your artistic and historical side and visit a country that stands apart in Europe and visit Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, Alhambra, Court of the Lions, Granada, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, The Teide National Park, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Puerta del Sol among the popular destinations that attract tourists from across globe, every year.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Spain that are worth the visit. Among the famous islands, Pheasant Island present in River Bidasoa, the Balearic Islands present in the Mediterranean Sea, the Chafarinas Islands, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Alhucemas, etc. are some of the best islands you definitely should visit when in Spain. Apart from those, there are a few uninhabited islands which are also in the Mediterranean Sea, side of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is commonly known as plazas de soberanía. Apart from islands, the mountain ranges of Spain are equally beautiful and definitely deserve checking out are Sistema, Cordillera Cantábrica, Sierra Morena, the Sistema Bético, Sistema Central Montes de Toledo, Mulhacén and Teide; an active volcano in the Canary Islands. If you a nature lover, then visit Spain and lose yourself in its glory.

To discover the natural beauty of your trip to Spain and to make the most of your trip, always hire a Private Tour Guide in Spain who will chaperone you on your trip. Since he would be a guide, he would tell you more as compared to locals.

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