Developing Real estate in Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad – the synonym for development

Ahmadabad – the capital of Gujarat which is renowned as a busiest trading hub has come far ahead from being a hub for mere local marketers and businessmen. It has witnessed the sharp transition from amdabad to Ahmedabad, the Promised Land for businessman and industries; all thanks to the favourable policies of Gujarat and its intelligent development supporting government.

Evidently, the government of Gujarat played a pivotal role in the development of the state and of its capital. It proved its interest in development when it welcomed the Tata Nano project plant with open arms which was rejected by West Bengal.

Nonetheless, Ahmadabad has witnessed a leap in development in the context of business, IT, investments, education, industries and even tourism. Such an overall development of the city eventually benefited the real estate market of the city.

The investors are showing huge interests in the property in Ahmadabad. Be it residential, commercial or any sort of land; Ahmadabad is becoming the apple of eye of investors. Houses in Ahmedabad are one of the major attractions for real estate enthusiasts and buyers turning towards Ahmadabad are increasing day by day. The reason is pretty simple – Despite the fact that Ahmadabad is not a metropolitan, yet still it’s more promising and safe owing to the developmental rate and a government which prioritize development. While Mr. Modi again won the elections for chief minister, the investors are taking even more interest in Ahmadabad.

Number and statistics narrating the success story of Ahmedabad:

As far as the commercial properties in Ahmedabad are concerned, there is a growth of 20 to 30 % in the prominent areas like S.G. Highway, Prahlad nagar, Ashram Road and a few of East Ahmedabad. In the last four years, around 3.5 million square feet of commercial space has come up in Ahmedabad and it is expected that another 1.1 million square feet are under construction in the current scenario. The next 2.5 years may see some 2.5 million square feet getting included in the lot.

In point of view of industries, ace industries like Maruti, Motocorp and Tata are establishing in Gujarat. Moreover, better road connectivity is being planned which will certainly influence the real estate of Ahmedabad.

From the perspectives of residential real estate, the favourite areas have been South Bopal, Bodakdev, Vastrapur, Nicol, Nava Naroda and New Ranip. A land approximated to 16 million square feet of land will be utilized for residential real estate while 23 million square feet were already in construction.

Thinking to buy a resident in Ahmadabad?

It’s not surprising that the availability of house for sale in Ahmadabad since it’s a unique market with tremendous potential. While the western part of Ahmadabad is being considered primarily (47 %), the east and southern parts are equally good.

Although it is claimed that the prospects for returns on investment in all sorts of property are bright, the real estate experts claim that the real estate of Ahmadabad can be largely divided into two broad segments – housing and marketable. If you are wandering for residential real estate, a numerous range of flats, penthouses, apartments, bungalows and townships are available for sale.

What’s more? A high-quality convenience is ensured in the context of accommodation. All the required information is available on the internet which can be easily accessed and analyzed. Since there are a number of proficient and experienced sellers and some really good mediators buying a Apartment in Ahmedabad is not a big deal anymore.

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