Christmas in Europe – Santa Calling!

Blessed is this time that manages to engage the whole mankind in a love conspiracy!

Wow! Christmas is coming! It’s the season, when the cities turn glee and charming. The streets lit up with glittering lights. You can see Christmas trees all around. The sounds of Christmas carols mesmerize us. Exchanging of gifts and toys make the children happy! The cold winter outside makes the time perfect one for the bonfire and get-togethers! Let the child inside you come alive again and enjoy this Christmas as you always enjoyed it when you were a small kid. Well! When you think of Christmas, Europe comes to your mind! The cities of Europe celebrate Christmas in a grand and magnificent style, living up their traditions and customs to the fullest. You would find cities charged up with spirits, magic, joy, happiness. Yes! Each city celebrates Christmas in its own unique style, and before you get confused deciding which one to visit, check out the “famous five” to visit this Christmas.

Prague, the Czech Republic

Prague, the Gothic fairytale of Europe; this city of stunning architecture is famous for its Christmas celebration in the most traditional ways. The scene of wooden huts selling traditional items, crafts, dishes, candies and gifts would take you to a wonderland at these biggest, oldest, and most impressive markets. The city is also known to serve its enticing Christmas dishes and beverages. You would love to have some of the grog and honey liquor, a traditional Czech drink. You would also love to gorge on the giant hams, sugary Czech pastries and various other traditional Czech cakes and candies.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Celebration of Christmas at Copenhagen takes place in a stunning Danish way. As you enter the world of the wonderland at the Tivoli Gardens, you would find yourself getting lost in various magnificent Christmas carnivals and light shows. You would also love to travel the decorated and beautiful paths of Straget, Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street. Every year, millions of visitors and travelers come to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful views of Kronborg and the Castle Nyhavn waterfront district; and to participate in the Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas table tradition.


Christmas celebration at Brussels has always been very grand and pompous. With the onset of December, the city turns into a wonderland; it is lit up with twinkling lights, Christmas carols, aroma of candies, cakes and pastries, and the beauty of decorated Christmas trees and gifts is just mesmerizing. The Christmas market of the Grand’ Place is a great attraction for the increasing numbers of tourists and visitors years after years. The never ending queues of stalls; selling out various gifts, amusements, candies, cakes and traditional crafts; run over a stretch of more than two miles. You would find infinite activities to indulge in; including ice-skating, light shows, concerts, giant ferry wheels rides and many more.

Strasbourg, Austria

When we think of Christmas, Austria has its own legend; it is believed that Christkindelsmärik, the oldest Christmas market, was organized here in the early 1570, at Strasbourg. At Strasbourg, you would find a sort of originality; the mountain villages with traditional wooden houses and beautiful Christmas trees glittering with colorful lights, is simple picturesque. Strasbourg has been successful in conserving its customs, traditions and purity over the years. You! You would love to roam across the endless wooden stalls, selling lovely traditional crafts, gifts, beverages, sweets and candies. It has been truly called the “capital of Christmas”.

Rome, Italy

“Rome was not built in a day”, truly goes the old saying! It’s a place with its rich and glorious history, traditions and customs. Celebration of Christmas at Rome takes place in the same grandeur, joy and glory. The city turns joyful with the onset of winter. The decorated streets with imperial architecture give magical appeal in the twinkling lights. You would find endless number of beautiful stalls and shops, serving you in the Roman style at the famous Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori.

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