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Marriage is a one-time occasion, therefore every one plans to celebrate it with pomp and show. But are you really sure that you want to invest big in your wedding. All you need is exquisite decoration, delicious dishes, a dress that makes you outstandingly beautiful and loads of blessings on the auspicious day to have a blissful life ahead.

Thinking of the wedding, first thing that may hit your mind is budget. How much cost will be involved and from where this amount is to be arranged. All such thoughts may linger you but not anymore. You need not to rob a bank to plan your weddings. Here are few simple tips that can help you in planning your wedding with limited amount of budget.jeevansathi

Marriage is all about fun, excitement and tension free ambiance so affirm all within your affordability. But before that it is responsible task and needs careful contemplation over the monetary expenses so that no later regrets happen.

Date and Time: -Facing budget crunch while planning your wedding? Don’t Worry!

Major chunk of the wedding budget goes in to the venue chosen. Therefore choose the venue carefully and smartly decide on the time and date. Usually try selecting a date at that time of the year when there are less marriages taking places in your city.  The venue prices are usually low at this time and you can save a lot in it.

Less Expensive Wedding Attire: – Usually the wedding attire is worn only once, then why to spend exorbitant on it. Try choosing a dress which has striking appeal at the same time don’t leaves a dent on your pocket. Try exploring more apparel stores specializing in bridal dresses and find the best one within your budget limits.

Accessories Chosen: – Be mindful while choosing the accessories related to your dress. Don’t go on spending lot on heavy jewelries. Instead pick those items which you can carry on casual affairs later.

Fashions do change, it may happen that the design you have purchased today goes cliché tomorrow and you may not wear it in future. So think twice or in fact thrice while investing in jewelry and choose items as per the future needs.

Guest list: - This is really important to consider. Before getting the invitations printed it is essential that you do little homework and prepare a refined guest list. Contemplate well over whom you have to invite and the number of people coming over for lunch and dinner. If possible curtail maximum here.

Reduce your invites as much as possible so that your budget doesn’t soar drastically at the time of final bills.

Decoration: – Prefer to keep use simple themes. Make less use of expensive flowers. Choose a theme which is simple yet appealing and creates and auspicious aura on your wedding day. Contact local decorators and caterers having high experience in the industry and providing quality service but at much reasonable rates than others.

Go for eco-friendly decoration and involve more of green plants, this helps in saving a lot.

Gifts to be exchanged: -You can save a lot in it. While choosing gifts for guests make order in bulk. Dealers usually provide discounts on the bulk orders. Therefore with limited budget constraint you can also keep your guests happy.

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