Best Options to Store Your Kids Bikes at Home

Properly storing children’s bicycles is essential if wanting to regain space in your garage. There are various types of garage bike racks depending on the size and style of your bike. Of course there are some bike racks that are designed to hold more than one bike at a time, creating a space saving idea. Since storage areas are not all the same, some being much smaller than others, certain bike racks can be specially designed by you to fit the space needed.

When choosing garage bike racks to store your children’s bikes, easy accessibility is the key to making the rack efficient and work properly for your specific needs. A wheel stand bike rack may be a good idea, although it does take up quite a bit of space on the floor, it can hold multiple bikes at one time. This particular type of bike rack secures and holds each of the bikes at their wheels, enabling easy removal, especially for kids.

When storing children’s bicycles in the cold months, a hoist garage bike rack is a great space saver freeing up the entire garage floor. Generally these types of storage systems consist of brackets secured to the rafters in the garage, and a rope pulley system is then used to lift multiple bikes up and out of the way for the winter.

Another popular type of garage bike rack is the wall mount style, also great for holding multiple bikes at one time, and creating more space on the floor. This particular rack consists of two arms that get mounted to the studs in the wall, also great when wanting to store a bicycle indoors while also keeping it out of the way. The bicycles then rest on top of the two arms, making it extremely easy for anyone to use. The great feature about this particular bike rack is that the arms can be mounted to any height you desire. Mounting the two arms lower to the ground, make it easier for smaller children to use.

The easiest garage bike rack to use of all is a freestanding type. This type of rack doesn’t require any drilling or mounting like other garage bike racks. Although this rack does take up a small portion of the garage floor, it is extremely easy for children to use, and is light weight enough for anyone to move it with ease. This rack will hold multiple bikes, is supported by the weight of the bicycles alone, as it does not need to be attached to the rafters or the wall of the garage. No matter what type of garage bike rack you choose, be sure to thoroughly read the instructions and mount it properly to ensure it’s safely secure.

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