Four Ways to Put(ting) your Best Foot Forward in The Fashion Industry

Getting started in the fashion industry can sometimes be intimidating. This career path requires forward planning, determination, and strong interpersonal skills. You need to have these requirements as well as a taste for fashion along with the interest to pursue a career in this competitive industry. The majority of those that want to set their foot in the door of fashion industry are young and ingenious university graduates whose interest for fashion is only comparable by their willpower to place their mark on it.

Best Foot Forward

To keep yourself afloat in the highly competitive fashion industry, you have to try diversified things. Some fashion environments are brutal and you will be up against thousands of applicants who are as enthusiastic as you are to break into the industry. Sometimes the enthusiasm to pursue can wane for a job hunter that faces the reality of paying bills. It is indeed a never-ending struggle when first trying to find a way to make it to your dream job.

To help you break into the designing field, here are the best ways to get started in the fashion industry.

Hone your skills.

To be one of the most successful fashion designers admired worldwide, you’ll need to develop a wide array of skills such as the ability to picture concepts in three dimensions, to draw, to have a keen eye for texture and colour and to possess sewing and cutting skills when working with various types of fabrics.

Get excellent training and technical skills

To survive every competition on the ladder to success you need to get excellent training in sewing, business, speech, math, and art and costume design or have a formal education on fashion design. There are also courses, including bachelor or associate degrees and certification programs that educate students in the basics of fashion design. It is also recommended that you have sewing abilities on difficult fabrics which will make you stand out throughout your career.

Nothing can beat actual experience

Look for opportunities such as a fashion internship that will test your textbook knowledge or learned skills. The advantage of a fashion internship is it is usually considered as an extended job interview and may serve as a launch pad to a permanent position. Some of the most popular internship avenues can be found at online internship boards, as a result of assistance from a school counsellor and through a fashion company’s human resources department.

On the other hand, if you opt to pursue a career in fashion, certain skills are very handy in order to get yourself started. Notwithstanding the technical skills and training you earn at a fashion school, you need to learn how to meet people and exchange ideas with them in order to land an entry-level job after graduation.

Keep track of your skills

As you are working on your internship or pursuing an entry-level job in fashion, it is equally important to list down the new skills you have gained, learned or mastered. Once you start doing this, you’ll be surprised to see just how fast your CV expands.

Joel Mayer is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  He loves fashion, design, clothing and reviewing companies.

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