Berries – Making Cakes Delicious since Forever!

You know those small colourful globes that you find in the supermarket or in salads that usually have a sweet or tangy flavour? Even those who avoid fattening or sweet foods as a rule are encouraged to consume those little beauties because they are actually powerhouses of nutrients. Berries are wonderful snacks, can be added as toppings in salads smoothies, and shakes, and of course, make even the dullest cake come alive and look as well as taste heavenly. These little gems are available in a number of colours and can be found quite easily, almost throughout the year.

So, if you are planning to send a cake to a special someone and you know his or her favourite colour or which flavour fascinates their taste buds the most, then why don’t you order one this time loaded with some of the popular berries that are used to make cakes? If you’re not sure about them, here are some of the top ones for your information:

1. Blackberries – There are the most common types of berries that can be found in almost all parts of the world naturally and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Containing a large amount of Vitamin C, blackberries are very commonly used in jams and pies and its juice or syrup is also used an ingredient as well as topping for cream cakes. These berries are small and dark purple in colour.

2. Raspberries – Usually available in the summer or autumn seasons, these are also commonly found and contain a lot of juice and flavour. These sweet berries are red and are found in tightly packed bunches. These are also high in Vitamin C and also contain high levels of Vitamin K, manganese, and magnesium. These are also used to make ice creams, jams, and pies.

3. Strawberries – These little red heart shaped fruits barely need any introduction. Available in many parts of the world naturally, strawberries have been used in endless products, such as ice creams, cakes and pastries, cookies, chocolate fillings toffees, juices and milkshakes, and even in cosmetic products! These berries contain high levels of folic acid along with vitamin C and manganese.

4. Grapes – Don’t confuse berries and grapes! Although similar in looks and taste, not all berries are grapes as they belong to different biological families. Grapes are usually purple or green in colour and are a mixture of sweet and tangy flavours. These are rich in vitamins A, C, and B6 and are of course also used to make wines in addition to the usual dessert and bakery items.

5.Mulberries – The berry that was a part of a popular nursery rhyme is in fact no laughing matter. Mulberries can be found in several cordials, tarts and pies, jams, and also in sherbats. Usually black, red, or purple, these berries have a slightly higher tangy flavour than the other berries.

Cakes’ delivery is made with utmost care so that even freshly squeezed berry juices remain intact and edible when received by the recipient. Berries make for wonderful thin syrups that are used to make the cake look more appealing and along with the flours and cream to give the cakes that extra flavoursome kick.

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