Benefits of Placement Agencies

In today’s world, lots of job opportunities are found but to search for the appropriate job can be traumatic and time consuming. Most of the B-schools today guarantees 100% placement to their candidates. Now the question arises whether they are able to provide placement to all the candidates or not. Although these renowned B-schools have separate placement cells who deal only with the placements of the students, there are many students who do not get placed in any of the MNC’s after completion of the courses.

Thus many private placement agencies have sprung up to cater to these candidates. The placement agents here have great contacts with the multinational companies who in turn help these companies in finding the suitable candidate. Now, the company informs the agent about the number of employees required or position vacant. The agents in turn call up the suitable candidates taking number from the job portals. They also need to make sure that the candidate’s qualification and experience required by the employer are at par. The big organizations generally hire a placement agency that assists in finding the right candidate to hire.

These staffing agencies use various media other than the job portals for finding the right candidate like social media, newspaper ads etc. They offer jobs to both full time, part time and contract employees. Whenever there is a vacancy and the employer need to get that filled fast, these agencies comes into rescue, they offer a large number of candidates to the employer to choose from. A reputed agency may conduct an interview in any specific location convenient on behalf of the employer and this includes all aspects of interview. The agents have also their own set of target which they need to complete before they leave and they basically represent the employer hence, they need to scrutinize the candidate in such a way that the employer can hire the right candidate. Since the whole process of organizing and conducting an interview matters time and money, they have to be very careful to choose the right candidate. Thus it can be said that these manpower agencies does the work of a Human Resource Department.

The sole aim of placement agent is to assist the job seekers in getting jobs in the native or international countries. At the same time they act as a bridge in connecting the employee and employer and also sometimes take responsibility in negotiation of salary on behalf of the company.

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