Benefits of Homeopathy in Alopecia Areata

The human physic has own system of preventing damage to it, which is known as immunity. There are many factors to keep the body fit and perfectly working. However, when the external factors, which are harmful to it overpower the immunity system, various sorts of problems get started. The problems may be very simple in the initial stage, and generally nobody pays attention to it. But with the change of time, it grows and after sometime takes the form of a disease. The problem of hair loss is also of the same nature.


The problem of hair loss is known as the Alopecia Areata in the scientific world. This problem occurs in the form of hair loss in small round patches. This problem is much different from what the people assumes it to be. It may affect the areas of the body apart from the head also. But the most affected area of the body by this problem is scalp. Alopecia Areata is not a true threat to the fitness of the human being suffering from this problem, but can sure affect the patient psychologically. This psychological effect impacts the health in the long run. This problem can be so severe at times that the patient may lose all the body hair.

Main Causes:

The main causes of the problem of Alopecia Areata are:

· Several times, the human body produces the antibodies that work in opposition of the hair follicles.
· Many times, the chemical components in the body cause this sort of problem. For instance, the chemical component generally found in the immune system of a person, that is known as cytokines slow down the growth of hair follicles.
· Many a times, the genetic factors are responsible for the problem.
· In many cases, emotional and mental stress acts as the cause of this problem.


The part of the body that has been affected by the problem of Alopecia Areata is normally round and oval that turns entirely bald after some time. This bald patch is normally surrounded by a margin of hair. Along with the hair, the nails of hands and toes are also affected by this problem.


This problem can be treated easily with a number of methods and treatments, and one of these is the homeopathy for Alopecia Areata, which is famous as the best treatment for this disease. The popularity of this treatment is because of the fact that it can remove the problem out of the body forever. The treatment is taken for a long time, which ensures the slow and sure cure of the problem. This problem is cured with the help of homeopathy completely without any kind of side effects.

The homeopathic treatment for this problem involves, certain medication that the patient needs to take for a fixed amount of time. Along with that, the medical practitioner keeps in touch with the patient, to check for progress in the treatment.

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