B.ED. Colleges in Mumbai: A perfect Destination for Future Educational Instructors

Teaching is one of the most respectable jobs in India. The profession offers name, respect as well lucrative salary. Most of the people take up the job due to the respect associated with it, or some have natural desire to educate people. The suitable and flexible work schedule is another reason that attracts various students to take up an education in the course to become a teacher. Moreover, the job in education field if unaffected by industry recession hence is a favorable career option.  If you are the one who also wants to make a career in teaching, irrespective of any of the above mentioned reasons, read on to know more about B.ED. colleges, scope, and job opportunities in India.

Mumbai is one of the most preferred education destinations in India. The city offers several renowned institutes and colleges that offer B. Ed. education. Some of the well-known B.Ed. colleges in India are available in Mumbai city. These colleges attract various students every year. Most of the B.Ed. colleges in Mumbai are affiliated to the University of Mumbai., which is one of the largest are respectable universities in India.

B.Ed. program and Scope

B.Ed. is a 1 year undergraduate program, which prepares students to work as professional teachers. It includes specialization in different disciplines one wants to make a career in. This program is taught in various colleges of India and includes several training and teaching methods. The B.Ed. qualified professionals can get ample job opportunities as teacher in private as well as government schools and colleges. Apart from schools and colleges, other employment areas include private tuitions, coaching centers, as well as educational consultancies. A career as a teacher enables a person to gain proficiency in knowledge in a specific field of study.

Who can apply for B.Ed. Degree?

Students who are graduates and hold bachelor’s degree in any stream can eligible to apply for B.Ed. courses. Admission to this program requires certain percentage that varies from college to college as per their admission guidelines. After completing the course, one can successfully start teaching career with any private or government educational institution.

B.Ed. Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai has a plethora of renowned B. Ed. colleges. Some of the notable colleges include:

  • Guru Nanak College of Education & Research
  • Mumbai B. Ed. College for Women
  • K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research
  • Oriental Education Society
  • St. Xavier Institute of Education
  • SIES College of Arts Science & Commerce
  • Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth
  • Sarada Kurup College of Education & Research

B.Ed. degree is all you required to become a professional teacher in India as B.Ed. students are preferred in teaching job. With the increasing demand for teachers in India, more students are seeking B. Ed. education to get lucrative jobs and becoming a part of this noble profession.

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