Ask 4 questions to give a second chance to your relationship before calling it off

You have been into a relationship for years now, and suddenly things don’t seem to work properly between both of you. Things were so good in the beginning, but now you have no chemistry of love left in your relationship and thus you feel it’s time to call it off and part ways. The thought might seem to be simple, but the practical approach isn’t. Excessive work stress, financial and health problem, and other commitments can sometimes affect your relationship.

Many times, couples couldn’t decide what will be the proper step that should be taken to save the relationship and instead of working on a resolution, they end up in complicating the things. Relationship is not like taking care of your home or other assets. It needs time, trust, and passion.

Now finding an answer to your problem depends upon your attitude and the severity of the issue. Thus, instead of concluding things it is recommended to take time off and ask yourself 4 simple, yet important questions to find out if you indeed want to end it.

What do you feel about the relationship?

You want to be treated equally, and at times might prefer your own space, no doubt how intimate the relationship might be. Not many men and women like to live their life with someone who has a dominant character. It might have been irritating to you to stay with such a partner, but ask yourself if you have spoken about this issue with her. If not then you cannot completely blame your partner. There is a chance that she might not even be aware of it. Don’t drag things, rather be frank and let her know. This will build up trust and love in your relation.

Were you honest with your partner?

No one prefers to discuss their dishonesty in public or share a word about it. You can fool the whole world but not yourself. Now if you have done something wrong and your partner knows about it then ensure to work on the same. She will definitely not agree to the fact easily, and it is your responsibility to sort the issue.

How much do you disagree to each other?

Your partner is never going to agree with you everything despite how much you love each other. It is quite normal and is bound to happen with anyone. However, the problem arises when the disagreement causes a major problem in your relationship. Instead of letting things out of your hand, you might try to talk to her and discuss things in details. If the disagreement is too serious, then you certainly will have to work something else.

Do you both respect each other?

It is necessary to respect each other, no matter how long you both have been into the relationship.  Every human being has his own ideology, he/she feels pride in following it them. Now, if you don’t disagree to it, then it is necessary to do that with respect.

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Akshay Kumar is a relationship specialist, working with Love Wale. The expert has made a thorough research on the various factors that can cause a problem in a relationship and has taken the pride to share it with people.

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