Are you Choosing the Right Chairs for your Office?

Office chairs are not like benches in school. In the workplace, every section of the office needs a different type of chair. One can easily determine the reputation of the person by glancing at his chair in office.  At the same time, you also need to make sure that the chairs are comfortable enough for people who may spend 8-10 hours sitting on them, every day.


Your employees spend most of their time while sitting in the chair. Sitting in the right position is essential for comfort; in the wrong position, your employees will start feeling a sense of discomfort in the back. Wrong chairs are the number one reason for the increasing back pain, spondylitis and other back and neck related ailments in the urban employees.

Based on the specific needs of your organisation and employees, you can buy different kinds of office chairs.

  • Ergonomic chairs: These chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort to the back. Ergonomic chairs help your employees to sit in the right position while providing support to their lower back. It helps prevent back problem and gives some comfort to people that are already suffering from back pain.

If you are concerned about your employee’s health then you should provide this type of chair to all workers who have to sit in the same position throughout the day due the job demand. Ergonomically designed chairs have adjustable armrest and headrest and they can seat people with different weight, height and body structure.

  • Task chairs: These chairs are quite popular and they are perfect for the office environment. They have swivel function as well as casters at bottom, allowing your employees to move in their cubicle or workstation comfortably. Ergonomic task chairs, which combine comfort with swivel functions, can be perfect for your office.
  • Executive chairs: Used by the top executives of the company, these chairs are the most comfortable of them all. They have a higher backrest, padding on armrest, adjustable backrest and comfortable padding upholstered in leather or any other high-class material. You can buy them for the executives of your organisation as well as yourself if you love to be seated like a king.
  • Guest chair: Also known as the reception chair, these chairs are meant for the guests in the office. Guest chairs are placed in the reception area hence you should be a little creative in buying them. The reception chair contributes to the first impression of your company. So, make sure they match the theme of the reception area.

While office chairs, you have to ensure they are suitable for the office and have all the basic qualities required in a comfortable functional chair. You have to keep the function of the person in mind while choosing the chair. However, there are some basic qualities of a standard office chair. Whenever you are buying chairs for your workplace, you must look for these features:

  • Ergonomic: Chair with ergonomic design gives proper support to the back, hence reducing the back and neck related disorders.
  • Adjustable: The standard chair for office should have adjustable backrest, headrest and height. It will help every employee to customize the chair according to his or her needs.
  • Easy to maintain: You definitely do not want to see chairs with stains on them. Try to buy easy-to-maintain chairs that are easy to clean and sanitize on regular basis.
  • Functional: The perfect chair for your office is the one with high functionality. It should be easy to move, swivel and revolve around on wheels, helping your workers to move around the workstation comfortably.

Buying chairs for the offices and workstations is not a piece of cake. You have to keep several points in mind to choose the right one. In case your office is lacking the right chairs and your workers are regularly taking leave due to back related disorders, it is time to buy new ones for them with the qualities given above.

Shivani Sharma works with Emanate, an innovative Sydney-based furniture supplies catering primarily to corporate, hospitality and retail industries in Australia. Are you looking for designer office chairs? Need ergonomic chairs for painless backs and better productivity? Emanate is your answer.

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