An Overview of Journalism Career

Journalism has always been an attractive career option for the enthusiastic younger generation. If you are one of them who wish to make a career in journalism, read on to know more…

In a world, where several events such as religious, political, social, natural and cultural events keep on happening, journalism comes up as a lucrative career option. Journalism is a powerful medium to communicate information to a large population across the globe at the same time. Isn’t it exciting to be a professional in this field of work?

To plan a career in journalism, having a proper knowledge about the job role, qualification required and job opportunities helps in preparing in the right direction.

Job Description

Journalism includes a wide range of activities such as analyzing, reporting and investigating about national and international events, natural disasters, current affairs and trends. Being a highly responsible field of work, there are certain work challenges such as a hectic schedule, strict work deadlines, and irregular hours of work. The investigation and reporting part includes last minute lengthy assignments to cover important news on weather related calamities, political uprisings, and cultural events. As per your job role and company, journalists are also required to travel frequently.

Qualification Required

In order to pursue a career in the dynamic field, the aspiring candidate can find journalism courses at both post-graduation and graduation level. A Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Media/Mass Communication can be completed after 10+2. For further studies, one can pursue Master’s program in Journalism after graduation in a particular field. A graduate in any other field can also apply for a PG program, provided you have a flair for writing.

Skills Required

Journalism is a field of work that requires certain skills such as excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, adaptive to changes, mental alertness, perseverance, confidence and patience. Time management is another important requirement of the job role to meet the work deadlines. Journalism is actually a field for those who are enthusiastic about discovering new facts about different areas such as social, culture, politics and entertainment. Independent people who are creative, hardworking, AND smart are much more in demand.

Apart from the above mentioned skills, the candidates in the field require additional skills, which include desktop publishing skills, photography skills, and word processing skills. Most of the entry level jobs in journalism require such skills to handle the dual responsibilities of a photographer and reporter.

Job Prospects

Media industry can be divided into two main categories- Electronic media and Print media. Electronic media includes the internet, radio and television. On the other hand, print media includes journals, magazines, books, dailies, newspapers and tabloids. The news and updates about political, religious, entertainment and cultural events are communicated to people through print and electronic media. Journalism offers great job opportunities with educational institutions, newspaper agencies, advertising firms, radio channels, news channels, magazines and online publication firms. This is one of the most competitive and lucrative areas of work.

The face and role of journalism has changed significantly with the boom in social media. Several websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook serve as a modern source of information for large section of the population. A degree in journalism allows you to find lucrative jobs in social media journalism.

Explore Options in Journalism

One can find different options to explore in journalism career, including photojournalism, broadcast journalism, communications, social media, and investigative journalism. Many careers in these areas are interchangeable. Take a look at the career in different specializations of Journalism:

ü  Photo Journalism: It is an exciting career for those who love to explore the world with their camera. Documenting the various events of life, photo journalists enjoy their work and earn a handsome salary package.


ü  Sports Journalism: It covers different aspects of sports competitions. A career in this job role can serve in different fields of media such as commentating, producing, broadcasting and writing.


ü  Investigative Journalism: Investigative journalism is a career for those who wish to improve the world and bring fairness, honesty and equality with their work. Whether tracking election campaigns or exposing the environmental polluters, these professionals play a crucial role in improving the political, cultural and religious scenario.


ü  Freelance Writing: Those who seek a career in writing or journalism, working for a full-time print or online publication firm are the lucrative option. A degree in journalism can offer a career in freelance writing that involves pitching a new story, writing, researching background of your writing, and sometimes meeting your clients.

Apart from these job opportunities, one can also find good work options as an editor, foreign correspondent, and newspaper reporter.

So, are you ready for an exciting, challenging and lucrative career?

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