A Tale of Hip Replacement

I record everything whatever happens in my life. By recording I mean to say- I love to jot down my feelings in my diary. My diary is my best friend. Whatever happens in my life, I write it down in my diary. My diary never says me go away. She respects me a lot. She helps me to pour down my feelings. It doesn’t matter whether I am happy or I am sad. My diary never ignores me. Thus, I share everything with her.

You might wonder why I am denoting my diary with the term ‘her’. It’s just because I want to. There is nothing specific to favor feminism in this topic of mine. There are people who always wonder where I have been and what I was up to. As, I don’t like to share it with anyone I share it with my best friends, my diary.

You find it difficult to cope with some frightening thing when suddenly you hear that you are in need of a major operation. I was told by my doctor that I need to undergo hip replacement treatment in India, after he found me dealing with an aching hip pain, which just would not get better for almost three years. I noticed that I could no longer do my basics of yoga. It was then I realized I was having problem in my yoga postures. I could not sit comfortably. I tried several options to be fine but nothing was working.


Different medications were taken by me, but nothing worked. I wasn’t getting relief from any source and I wanted it desperately. When I was not able to work as I use to and could no longer walk without visibly wobbling, I started having discussions with several experts in the medical field. Now, it was crystal clear that I needed a hip replacement surgeon. I was in search of an expert surgeon who could heal the upper head of my femur (thigh bone) as well as the hip socket that it fits into. As, I discussed my problem with several experts, some said I don’t need any kind of surgery as physiotherapy would heal my pain but some said I need immediate surgery.

Now, I was not sure what should I do. Then, in my search I met Dr.Shekhar. I must admit that he is the best surgeon. He told me there are many whys and wherefores why this can happen, comprising heredity, injury, and daily wear and tear. He revealed me models of the up-to-date, extremely high-tech replacement parts made of extremely polished cobalt chrome, parts that would last a very long time. He even guided me step by step through the entire method, telling the incision process, the cutting and removal of the bones, and the fitting and attachment of the new replaced bones.

Earlier, I was worried but after Dr.Shekhar explained me everything I was ready to give it a shot. Now, I was not afraid anymore. He had developed so much confidence in me that I asked him to treat me as soon as he can.

Today, with my new hip and no more pain, I am very much elated. I also am so thankful to Dr. Shekhar and his wonderful team of medical professionals.

The Author Tripti Malhotra, a vivid blogger has been working as a Creative Writer since 4 consecutive years. She even is a yoga trainer and writes blog on hip replacement treatment. To know more about her keep reading her blogs and get health benefits.

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