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When writing a good product description, very little things will create a giant distinction. A serious drawback within the world of copywriting is majoring on minors. Several on-line writing tips and recommendation can specialise in things that don’t matter – things that do very little or nothing to induce you the traffic and sales you’re when.

Product descriptions are a structured format that presents the features of the product in a nutshell. It lays down the fool-proof information regarding a product that helps the user to gain some insights before spending on the product. An image of a product only conveys the look and packaging of the product, however, having a deeper understanding of the product, content pertaining to the features of the product is essential. Hence product descriptions form an essential component for an e-business to push up the sales digit and drive in growth.
At Copy Vendor, we understand the importance of product description and its worth for the e-businesses. We have a team of specialized writers to generate content exclusively for product description. We keep in mind the following key points when it comes to our product description writing service:

- Take into account Customer psychology while curating the relevant content
Buyer’s persona and behavior is kept in mind while preparing the content so that it is comprehensible enough and engaging to the traffic. We have a clear understanding of the target buyers, their taste and preferences. We try to transform product centric descriptions into customer centric descriptions making the content more vivid, convincing and personal.

- Create a list of features and benefits of the product
We prepare a comprehensive list of the product features and benefits bringing to the customer what they can gain from the product. All potential buyers’ wants to know what’s in it for them. We understand the business requirements and bring to the customers the main attractions in the product. Most people would like to have information regarding a product before they invest in it.

- Set the tone while preparing a draft
We always prepare an outline of the content before giving it the proper structure. Having prior discussions with our clients, we decide on the intonations and the mood of the description. For instance, whether it should be more formal and serious or it should be of humor and frolic. Post preparation of the draft the content undergoes a three tier review system that makes it error free.

- Prepare SEO friendly Descriptions that optimizes your visibility in the Search Engines
The team at Copy Vendor is well aware of the current trends of content marketing and ethical guidelines of major search engines like Google. We prepare 100% original content that is Copyscape proof to save your website from Google penalization and maximize the visibility of your website on the pages of the Search Engines.

Thus, through our product description writing we provide valuable information of your product to the customer giving your product an edge over the others in the market. You can easily avail our product description writing services through our smooth way of operation. Relevant keywords and content are placed to help the product gain popularity among the target buyers. We provide high quality content at reasonable investment.

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