A short guide on Rudraksha

Rudraksha is, basically, a type of seed, which was mainly used as beads during prayers and has been a part of Hindu religion from ancient times. This is not a seed of a particular tree but seeds of any evergreen trees are dried to form rudraksha. This is not a metal and is completely organic, which does not get worn out.

Beads of multiple rudraksha are tied together to form a chain or necklace. The name Rudra has arrived from the name of Hindu Lord Shiva and Aksha means tear drops.

The history of rudraksha beads

In ancient times, it was believed that rudraksha worked as a shield for those who were constantly on a move. That is why these beads were the permanent companion of a sage or a saint. This is because rudraksha beads were believed to be the conserver of energy. That is why the sages had the enthusiasm to travel a lot. It was also thought as a protector. In ancient times, the sages used to find out whether water of a particular place is drinkable or not with the help of rudraksha beads. If the water is drinkable, the bead will turn in a clockwise direction or else, it will turn to an anti clockwise direction.

At present, as per the Hindu astrology, rudraksha beads are worn by an individual to remove all the negative aspects in their life. It is used as a protection shield, so that there can be no negative harms on an individual wearing this bead. The beads vary from being single faced to multi faced. One mukhi rudraksha is a very strong one, and it is not for the common people who are involved with worldly and familial ties. The multi faced rudraksha varies from 2 faced beads to 21 faced beads. Each variety has their own set of positive effects on an individual. These beads also have some medical benefits and have the power to cure many diseases and illness.

How these rudraksha work?

Earlier, it was used just as a protection for those who were one a constant move. Well, the time has changed now and rudraksha beads are no longer used to taste the purity of water but yes, it definitely has many healing powers. The basic function of a rudraksha bead is mainly to protect an individual from all the negativities in life and build concentration power. The curing ability of a rudraksha bead varies and depends on how many faces it has. Each type of rudraksha has different healing abilities. Some may cure diabetes or migraine while other can cure obesity and heart diseases.

Before rudraksha online purchase, it is always a good idea to consult an astrologer as they can guide one to which faced rudraksha bead they should wear. If you do not consult, then there is a high possibility that you will end up wearing a wrong rudraksha bead, and this can lead to negative results, which are not welcome.

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