A Guide When Shipping Your Car Internationally

Many persons require their cars to be shipped across the borders of their own countries for one reason or the other. That’s where the shipping companies engaged in the transportation of vehicles come to their help. Certain important tips, if followed seriously prove to be of great worth and ensure safe transportation of your car when you are shipping the same internationally.

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Thorough Search – Selection of a proper automobile shipping company is a must before hiring the one. Most of the car shipping companies advertise themselves through newspapers, yellow pages and the internet. You can study the same and take an apt decision for shipping your car internationally through the most appropriate company that suits your needs and offers its services at genuine rates. Reviews of the companies’ clients are also helpful.

Personal Inquiries – When you have decided to ship your car internationally through a particular company, do inquire about its services by making phone calls at their auto telephone number. Remember to ask about the arrival and departure dates, transit timings and other relevant information. This will enable you to know the quality of their services. If the calls remain unanswered, you should avoid the company and switch over to some other concern.

Registration & License Of The Shipping Company – Before handing over the car to the shipping company, it must be ensured that it is duly registered with DOT and Federal Maritime Commission so that nothing goes wrong with your vehicle. The shipping company should also hold the valid license. You should personally check all the documents of the company in respect of its registration and other related aspects.

Insurance – Same is true in terms of the current cargo insurance by the shipping company that should be more than the value of your car that is being shipped internationally.

Stay Away From Domestic Car Shippers – Never go in for the domestic car trucking companies who often tempt you with economical offers and lucrative package deals. You should always prefer the international vehicle shipping companies when you are shipping the car across the frontiers.

Get Everything In Writing – It is recommended that the quotes of the car shipping company must be obtained in writing with all the terms and conditions. Be advised to check the additional charges if any, as some clever shippers often hide the same on the back of the quote documents. The quote should cover all the details, e.g. Shipper’s port, consignees’ port, door picks up, destination of delivery, insurance, loading, custom clearance, bill of lading and export declaration etc. It is also advised that a Shipping Contract duly signed by the shipping company is obtained and it should include all these aspects.

Additional Services – Before shipping your car internationally, do ask the company about the assistance by their agents for customs clearance and unloading of the car at the destination port. Similarly, you should check about the duties and other taxes for which the company would provide their services.

Caution – Avoid making the payments in advance as this may prove harmful.

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