Change is a rule, and it becomes more crucial when it comes to your home. Being a homeowner, you will at one point or another feel that your bathroom blues. If still you are using that old, outdated or ugly bathroom, then it is time for you to give your conventional bathroom a new look with modern interior.

A well-appointed bathroom is both a retreat and a top-selling feature of any home. If your bathroom looks ugly or messy, it would be quite difficult for you to feel relaxed while your bathroom – and its lackluster appearance can actually affect the overall value of your home. But updating the look and creating a nice space that matches the rest of your home interior could be quite expensive, specifically if you’ve shrinking budget.

Do you want to give your bathroom a fresh and lavishing look within your budget? Are you planning to sell your home, but you know you will get a better if you update your bathroom? Well, renovating a bathroom is all about making choices that don’t cost you an arm or a leg. There are many ways around you to improve the look of your lavatory, provided you plan clearly and more importantly smartly.


In this article, we’re going to explore a few very simple but effective ideas that you can incorporate within your bathroom to make it look lavishing without investing more and within your budget.

Here’re the a few simple ways you can improve the look and feel of your outdated, old and ugly bathroom on a limited budget:

  • Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning! Well, it may not sound like the new or glamorous task, but giving your bathroom a deep clean will definitely help you transform its appearance. Clear the bathroom of all the clutter, making sure you throw away all the old and broken accessories while cleaning it. Moreover, it will help you get an idea about any missing paint, damp or holes in the wall, which can be very useful later on in order to improve its look ‘n’ feel. Ensure you are maintaining the bathroom fresh and tidy with the help of fresheners.
  • Refurbishing the wood cabinets. Sand the wood on your existing cabinets and stain it, or sand the wood and repaint it with a color that complements the bathroom walls. Ensure you use waterproof latex paint and consider using white paint in order to refurbish the wood cabinets. Also make sure that you fix all the broken parts or dents of wood cabinets before painting, staining or varnishing them.
  • Refinish the wood trim around the windows and floor. Rather than investing money in buying new lumber, remove the old trim carefully. Remove the paint with a heat gun, sand the pieces and repaint or apply varnish as it will help you make the trim look newer without investing more money behind it.
  • Check the tiles! Old tiles, cracked or broken tiles and missing grout let down the look of your entire bathroom. Therefore, try to fix everything that needs fixing and you will be amazed by seeing the improvement. It won’t take more time to learn how to fix tiles. However, you can replace the broken tiles and also change the color of tiles in order to change the entire look of the bathroom.
  • Ensure the surface is appropriately coated with paint and plastering is done. Paint is one of the most inexpensive and effective remodeling tool. You can paint your bathroom ceiling using a paint color several shades lighter than your wall colors. You should ensure that all the surfaces are appropriately coated with paint.
  • Replace your hardware fixtures with antique or attractive ones. You can also buy new cabinet or door handles, new towel racks and even new light fixtures. Add new mirror and the look of your bathroom will change entirely. You can also use antique or attractive fixtures, but ensure you fit them appropriately.
  • Accessorize your bathroom with all new curtains, towels and rugs. Also buy a shower curtain and curtain rings. You can also use motion sensor on the lightsin order to save the electricity. Using good quality material is the main thing to be focused on.

Above discussed ideas will help you transform the look of your bathroom into a modern, updated and clean space that feels like a retreat. The best part is, you don’t have to invest more to change the look of your conventional and outdated bathroom. Do you’ve more ideas? Share with us in comments…!

Author Bio: Shivani is associated with AC Fitouts, a fitout specialist organisation in Australia. Are you looking for shop or office fittings? Whether you want fitouts or renovations for commercial property, showrooms, shops or bathrooms, AC fitouts is the right choice.

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