9 Awesome Home Renovation Ideas

Keep your beautiful home beautiful even years after buying it with regular renovations. Giving your house a makeover every now and then is the best way to keep it happy! Here are some small to mid-scale home renovation ideas to inspire your next renovation project.

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1)      Change the Ambience with a Changed Flooring

If you feel bored of your interiors or the current flooring seems bland and dated, rev up to bring about a couple of changes to freshen things up. Do keep in mind the element of functionality when replacing the flooring of any room; for example, children’s rooms are best off carpeted with a lot of padding, so as to keep the tiny tots safe while they run around. Living rooms, on the other hand, respond best to rich, classic wooden floors that radiate warmth.

2)      Beautify Some Doors

Just replacing or remodeling your doors can change the appearance of your house. If your doors are old and worn, or do not serve you well in terms of functionality, consider replacing or painting them. You could also change the hardware on doors like knobs, handles and knockers to make them more decorative. Doing the front door will specially give a good impression of the house.

3)      Consider New Lights for Enhancing Your Décor

Lights are an integral part of home décor. The styles and technology of lighting have been in a continuous spell of development, giving you ample opportunity to play around with how you light your home. Right from traditional candlesticks to decorate some special moments, to compact recessed lights, the range of lighting arrangements is unlimited.

Another value-adding thing to install in your house is the dimming light. Dimmers make life comfortable for you by letting you smoothly adjust the levels of ambient light, and also save a great deal of energy.

4)      Give the Kitchen a New Look

A perfect kitchen is the quintessential element of a happy looking house. Include revamping the kitchen in your home renovation project; it is simple, and pays off well in terms of the comfort and convenience a correctly done kitchen offers.

Easy to incorporate changes include painting or replacing the cabinet surfaces, introducing new appliances, and converting some cabinets to open shelves. Other kitchen renovations like building an island for either sitting or cooking, installing new sink fixtures, and replacing countertops may be a little time consuming but do invest in these projects every 5-8 years for keeping up to date with all the urban trends of interiors.

5)      Color Your Home Up

A simple wall painting job for the entire house can enliven it incredibly. Think of a color scheme that reflects your individual style and also has a calming effect on the nerves like bright pastels. Use wallpaper, highlights or an accented wall for extra style.

6)      Create a New Living Area

In the balcony, on the terrace, or out in the porch, put some chic and durable pieces of furniture to create a living area for the family. A traditional round table with a few comfortable chairs is all you are going to need for this one. And of course, do not miss out on the aesthetics – decorate your new relaxation den with plants, paintings, showpieces and beautiful lights.

7)      Zoom In to the Details

Add some new architectural details to your house to give it an appreciable yet subtle makeover. Baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, and Plaster of Paris ceiling designs are some examples. Paint these in shades of white for a timeless look.

8)      Replace Old Faucets

Stylish bathroom and kitchen fittings significantly influence the look of these areas. Just replacing a few faucets is going to make for a remarkable makeover.

9)      Invest in Landscaping

Landscaping is not just for huge, sprawling gardens. You can very well landscape your own little garden to make it a space you love to spend time in. Lovely flowers, bonsai, strategically arranged pots and twirls can add spellbinding natural beauty to your house at minimal investment.

You can work some of the home renovation ideas out on your own, while for others, professional help is the best alternative. Professional jobs are doubtlessly more accurate. Moreover, trained house builders and remodeling experts can complete a project much quicker than you can accomplish yourself.

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