6 creative & fabulous uses of fabric softener

Fabric softener or conditioner is a chemical compound typically applied to the wash during rinse cycle while the clothes are in the machine. They’re available as solutions, solids and can be saturated in dryer sheets used in cloth drying mechanism.

The purpose of fabric softeners and dryer sheets can be comprehended; to smooth clothe fibre and make it feel comfortable when touched to the skin. It reduces static electricity present in the clothes while also adds fragrance to the laundry.

Whether heard about it or not, here’re some creative and fabulous uses;

1. Extract old wallpaper
When removing old and adhesive wallpaper, it may pull the paint and chip the surface of the wall. Doing so with a fabric softener is a snap and all you need is to make a solution.

Mix a cap of liquid with water, dip a sponge and apply directly onto the wallpaper. Let it soak for more or less 20 minutes before you scrape.

In case it’s water-resistant coating, use a bristle-wire brush after application and remove the wall covering easily.

2. Treat carpet shock (static electricity)
Static shock from the carpet is common and it hurts! To eliminate it as you walk across, spray a solution on carpet made of one cup softener and almost 2.5 litres of water. Try not to saturate the carpet entirely or you may ruin its quality. Spray some before going to sleep and you’ll feel the effect in the morning that ought to last for a week at least.

3. Eliminate hair-spray residue
Dried hair spray leftover is tough to clean from the walls and vanity but not if you treat it with liquid softener mixed in two-part water. Blend well, spray over the surface and gently wipe with a dry cloth to remove residue as if it weren’t there in the first place!

4. Clean immediately without delay
Treating shower doors and knobs, glass tables, hard surfaces as well as to repel dust is done best with a liquid softener. Come up with a mixture of one-part softener in four-part water, store overnight; apply a little of it on a smooth and clean cloth, wipe the surface and see it sparkle like new.

5.Bust baked-on grime
Say goodbye to the tough scrub and instead, soak all the burnt food leftover and dried cooking oil stains with a fabric softener. Leave it intact for an hour at least before you wipe either with a dry or damp cloth. It’ll clean and shine the surface perfectly!

6.Pliable paintbrushes
Bristles on a paintbrush typically harden when the paint is dried. So after every use, rinse the bristles thoroughly with warm water and dip them in a mixture of liquid softener for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse them once more and allow them to air dry. It’ll keep the paintbrushes pliable for every use.

You probably never heard of such ingenious uses of fabric softener so let the above details be your ultimate guide besides the usual cloth treatment.

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