5 tourist attractions near Bhopal not to be missed

Bhopal as a city has a lot to offer to the tourist be it the forts and mosques or the heritage hotels in Bhopal. The city has many tourist attractions and is thus a popular tourist spot. But if you are visiting Bhopal for longer than two days, it also has places nearby, which can be visited. Here is a list of top 5.

Islamnagar – This is around 10 km from Bhopal and was founded by Mohammed Khan for a lover’s nest. This place comes across as a rather luxurious one with beautiful gardens and rich heritage. In the palaces here, you can find a combination of both Islamic as well as Hindu architecture. The artwork too is very appealing. The main monuments in Islamnagar are Rani Mahal and Chaman Mahal. Both are surrounded by gardens on all its sides. In both the palaces, the queens lived. You can also find the hammam of the queen inside the palaces.

Jhiri – This is a purely untouched and beautiful spot near Bhopal, which is about a drive of 20 km. if you are interested in tribal people and the Bheel tribe in particular, then this is the town where they reside. Nature here looks beautiful and so are the houses made of bricks. Life is simple and so are the people. This is basically a picnic spot with an artificial lake and a guest house for the tourists. You can take a walk around the village. Nature, as said before, is untouched here.

Raisen Fort – This is about 20 km from Bhopal and famous for its durgah and a fort. The fort nestles atop a hill along with few other palaces, temples, a water reservoir and many wells within the fort. You can find a mosque and temple nestling side by side near the fort. Also, within the fort, are many domes, intricately designed and made in Islamic architecture. The dargah here belongs to HazratFateullah Shah, a famous Muslim saint. Muslims here have a lot of belief in the saint and come here to seek blessings.

Sanchi – This is a small village, which is about 50 km from Bhopal. It is home to many Buddhist monuments from the 3rd to 12th century and a very important pilgrimage centre for the Buddhists. The most famous place here is that of Sanchi Stupa, which was built by Ashoka. This is a hemispherical structure of bricks made over Buddha’s relics. Many more structures and stupas were built here later on. But with the decline of Buddhism in India, these are now in ruins.

Bhimbetka Caves – Bhimbetka is famous for its rock shelters, which are 15,000 years old. This is about 40 km from Bhopal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is spread over nearly 10 km. This is where you can trace human life from the earliest. You can find beautiful rock paintings here.

So, the city is not only about five star hotels in Bhopal and sightseeing of ancient heritage, it also has a lot to offer at its nearby place.

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